Cold Feet

by Kelly

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When I think about my overall goals, that of getting my personal finances in hand Here and Now, I feel satisfied, quite smug even. But when I think of my SMART Goal 1 I get cold feet and start to shake. Why? Getting my financial act together is an ongoing process and gives me the warm and fuzzies. Who doesn’t want to be that person?

But my first goal in this self-induced challenge to get my monetary self together, of trying to keep my bank balance out of the rouge during January and February, is not a statement of who I want to be in the future. It’s a challenge to who I am here and now.

Going from knowing where each and every centime goes, to not overspending is an enormous leap. So far I haven’t been able to stay within each budget category, not to mention having enough wiggle room to deal with anything unexpected. I’m honestly not sure if we can do it.

I’ll be posting our numbers at some point and I’ll continue to talk about the efforts I’m making. I hope that the process will help me to be accountable and most importantly, to stay on track.

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