The Dryer Dilema

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I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have a dryer. This is for several reasons. We live in a small house where we simply don’t have the room for one. We try to make green choices when possible, and dryers are not very ecological. Not having a dryer is also a frugal choice; they consume a lot of elecricity. In fact, I feel a little smug about not having a dryer.

But oh! How I want one!

Being frugal or environmental can be a choice, or it can be a necessity. Some of the frugal choices I make, like tracking my finances daily or buying second-hand clothes, I wouldn’t give up if my circumstances changed. But not the drying rack! I know that, if we suddenly had the space, I would gallop like a madwoman to the nearest appliance shop and buy a dryer quicker than you could possibly imagine. And my frugal, environmentally conscious ways would fly out the window like laundry in the wind.

What about you? Are there any frugal choices would you not make if you could?


1 Dams February 4, 2008

We have a washer-dryer combo that works great. It's from Indesit and it was not that expensive.

2 Anonymous February 6, 2008

Hi, How funny this topic. I am washing a load of laundry right now and my dryer has been broken for years. My dryer will only lightly fluff out my garments. It takes 3 hours to dry a towel. When you get a dryer one day, try after your garments are dry just pop them in the dryer for 5 min. It feels like it has been dried in dryer yet it saves energy and money. Also, I read somewhere once to hang a wet towel to bring humidity indoors. If you run your air all the time your air dries out. I am not sure this is true, but either way I hang my clothes inside on a rolling rack. I hang towels from the doorway. No one sees only me. I would love to hang outside,but I don’t have the place. Also, your clothes last longer if they aren’t put in the dryer.

3 Sophie February 8, 2008

same as anonymous about the 5 min dryer. We did that when ours was plugged (in the midst of our renovation, it’s unsafe to plug it it now) and i agree with that comment.

I cannot wait to be able to hang outside again! at that time of year the clothes would FREEZE (literally)!

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