€100 Extra Income in February

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I went by the local children’s consignment shop today, to see if any of my articles there had sold. They gave me a check for €53.07! That’s for the last batch of things I dropped off; I’ll pick up what hasn’t sold tomorrow. With the check they gave me last month for €43, I’ve earned almost €100, just from outgrown kids cloths and toys.

My goal this month is to reach €100 in ‘extra’ income. I’ve been taking surveys like mad, and I think I made $23 on one survey site this morning. I’m not sure, however, because they say they need to approve my answers before crediting the money to my account. I’ve also worked really hard at setting up my Etsy shop. I have ten items posted, and am actively working on creating more. I’m going to cross post some on Ebay as well.

I have some used (cloth) diapers for sale on another website and I think I’m about to make a sale there. Ever since the collapse of the Ebay cloth diaper market, it’s been a challenge to find places to sell.

The money that I earn won’t be going to my emergency fund, alas. It’ll be going towards my goal of finishing February in the black, a great big challenge!


1 Sophie February 8, 2008

I’m interested in knowing where you take your surveys on French websites because I have never found a serious one!
Good day!

2 K February 8, 2008

I haven’t found a good French one yet, but if you’re interested, I can give you some US ones that pay internationally. I also use My Points, and so far that’s ok.

3 Komol96 April 7, 2008

Have you seen this? I wish there were more companies like this out there that were interested in making a difference! http://www.aboveallopportunities.com/100.html

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