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I was doing my daily routine of checking my bank accounts online, and entering them into my budget, when I realized something. We haven’t eaten out since January 27th when we went to McDo for my son’s fifth birthday party. We’re on the twelfth day, and for us, this is huge! We are used to eating out, or bringing home take-out, at least once every weekend, if not twice.

Les sorties have always been our downfall. We both love food, and going out, and are very weak-willed. It’s been almost impossible for one to refuse the other’s suggestion of lunch out or a pizza in. My husband told me yesterday that he wants us not to eat out at all this month; I was a bit doubtful when he said that, considering how we have never been able to stick to our eating out budget, but now I’m starting to think it’s possible.

We’re on our way to finishing February in the black!


1 Sophie February 8, 2008

Too bad you guys don’t have tickets restaurants!
I chose to get 10 every month and we use them to buy meat at the butcher’s (cheap here) and at Buffalo Grill (our downfall!)
This way no extra exepnse 🙂

2 K February 8, 2008

Hi Sophie!

My husband’s company is considering getting them- woohoo! He would go to Buffalo Grill daily if he could- I’m more of a sushi girl myself!

3 Sophie February 8, 2008

You said a taboo word here.
I LIVE for sushis!!!!!!!!!
But we have no Jap restaurant here in Aisne.

4 K February 8, 2008

We just got a really good one here- next time you come skiing we’ll have to go…

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