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I started Small Cents as a means of personal accountability, figuring that publishing my advances and setbacks to a wider audience then just my friends and family might help me stay on track.

Now I want more.

I want to grow Small Cents. Why? The first reason is because I enjoy writing it. I like thinking about things beyond my daily routine of laundry, dishes and vacuuming. I’m just narcissistic enough to think that the minutiae of my daily life could be interesting to others. And who knows? I had almost 500 unique visitors in the second half of January; small potatoes for the more established bloggers, but pretty good for the first month of a blog’s life.

Small Cents is now at over 1000 unique visitors, meaning that the first two weeks of February matched the total number of visitors for the month of January. I also have 16 subscribers to my RSS feed. My next blogging related goal is to have 20 subscribers by the end of February, and another 500 unique site visits.

The second reason I want to grow Small Cents is financial; I know that not everyone achieves the holy grail of earning money off their blog, but some do. Given that I started Small Cents for financial reasons, it’s only logical that I hope that it helps me to resolve some of those problems… in more ways than one.

I feel like I can succeed. I think I have a unique perspective (American, living in France, broke and frugal…) and can write about it authentically. I imagine my audience as being people who want neither expert advice, nor another financial book review, but instead someone they can relate to. Maybe I’ll help you to think about your situation a little bit differently, maybe I’ll just provide a bit of escapism- that’s ok too.


1 Sophie February 13, 2008

You go girl!!!
I totally agree with you.
I would start a personal finance blog if i had a computer at home.
I have tons of ideas and I have realized in my personal life that the French people need to learn a lot about personal finance. Trust me, they often have NO idea about how to grocery shop efficiently and even “tenir leurs comptes”!!
I totally encourage you and am here for any support you might need.

2 CatherineL February 14, 2008

Good for you. We all started out with few visitors and it’s nice to watch them grow.

I always make a point of looking for interesting new blogs to visit and try to give them a bit of encouragement.

3 K February 14, 2008

Thank you Catherine! You have an excellent website- I just spent way too much time bouncing around and checking out all your links…

4 lynnae March 14, 2008

I was trolling your archives, getting a feel for your site, so I could write appropriate posts for your blog, and I came across this post. You’re going to do great! My blog started out the same way, and I’m amazed at how fast it started to grow once things took off.

Keep at it, and the people (and money) will come. You definitely have a unique perspective worth sharing!

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