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Conveniently, February has 28 days (well 29, this year) making a mid month check-in quite easy.

First, the facts: of our projected budget of €2909.86, we’ve spent €2111.13. Of that, €97.96 was unbudgeted, or where I went over in a budget category.

  • €32.64 (unbudgeted) for the respitory therapist
  • €13.14 (over budget) for cloth
  • €22.20 (unbudgeted) for a check that wasn’t entered in the registrar
  • €3.60 (over budget) for unexpected bank fees
  • €10 (unbudgeted) for the yearly charge on a credit card that my husband applied for last year against my wishes. He’s never used it.
  • €16.38 (unbudgeted) for a book of coupons for our upcoming vacation

I’m ok with the first and the last items. I can’t not pay for medical care for my children, and most of it will be reimbursed. The book of coupons will be used to save quite a bit of money in Los Angeles and we got a free $25 restaurant gift certificate. Not to mention that I earned 750 points through MyPoints, getting me closer to my $10 Target gift card.* I’m not really ok with the extra money I spent on cloth, mostly because I did what I know I shouldn’t ever do… go into Ikea unattended.

The other three unexpected charges? Well, I still haven’t gotten around to fixing one of those niggling January problems: checking for checks and fees that haven’t gone through the account yet. I promise to do that for the end of this month.

The good news is that we still haven’t eaten out in February! Can we keep it up?

*If you want a referral, please let me know!

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1 Sophie February 14, 2008

Wow, congrats!!
You are doing well!
J’ai fait mes comptes yesterday and things are looking good and bad at the same time:
– Virgin Mobile is free this month, since I referred someone;
– La SNCF reduced my fees because of the strikes last November.
But I got a €23 expense that was unplanned.

And today I am sending a 177€ check for the 1st phase of income taxes.

Good to hear you are so honest about your finances, and keep up the good work.
We will make it!

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