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I made my husband steak with mushrooms for Valentine’s Day dinner last night*. It might not sound like the most frugal dinner, but I bought a package of 5 flank steaks for €4.48 and four large mushrooms for €.88. I cut one of the larger steaks in half, for the two boys, and immediately chopped two of the steaks into strips, which I stuck in the freezer for a future stirfry. I then marinated the steaks in a soy sauce and red wine mix.

I also made garlic mashed potatoes, garlic bread and waldorf salad. For dessert, I splurged and bought a Black Forest cake, in the shape of a heart, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make my own. I estimate I spent €18 on food, including the cake but I consider the cost to be spread out. We have enough leftovers for today’s lunch for two, and tonight’s dinner (shepards pie) for five, not to mention the meat in the freezer for a future meal.

My husband bought me a rose; he spent €3.50! He said it was the cheapest one he could find, some were going for €6. This is what happens after seven years of marriage boys and girls; you get a flower and spend half an hour talking about the economics of St Valentine’s Day, instead of half an hour making out on the couch!

*It was all the more romantic considering that I hate mushrooms.


1 Sophie February 15, 2008

But I LOVE mushrooms!!
You had great ideas! I just LOVE garlic bread. When we meet you have to train me how to make it the American way, cos I never succeeded in that and loved it so much in the US!

She made me dinner for 16€, and that was paella, cheese soufflés and dessert.
Frugal too, since that makes me quite a few meals and leftover for the weekend.

We rock!

2 Sophie February 15, 2008

mmm, she does it without a recipe and it’s not the regular cheese soufflés. But I think I can get you a great cheese soufflé recipe.
I’ll send it over.
PS: I need to learn to cook. I have a bad reputation as a cook, because I never have time to cook elaborate stuff.

3 K February 15, 2008

I'll swap you my garlic bread recipe for your cheese soufflé recipe…

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