Invisible Progress

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Sometimes, it’s only as I see my kids flipping on the light switch without standing on their tiptoes or serving themselves a drink of water out of the kitchen tap, that I realize how much they’ve grown. I see them every day, get them dressed every day, talk with them every day. Their clothes get smaller without my noticing, and all of a sudden they’re holding real conversations with me, silly in the way that only kids can be.

It’s like that with my finances as well. I spend every day worrying about money, fussing over the budget, checking my bank account, trying to stretch one more day without going grocery shopping out of what’s left in the fridge.

And then I realize. I know exactly where every cent of our money goes… even if I’m not very happy about it! We no longer have a high interest rate credit card. We’ve paid off our other line of credit. We’ve put aside almost €1000 for our upcoming vacation, which is a huge change from past years when we’ve gone with nothing in the bank. And every day I’m reading and blogging, thus further educating myself and increasing my determination to get ourselves back on the financial track to freedom.

Invisible progress indeed.


1 Sophie February 18, 2008

AMEN!!!My behavior has changed so much since we first began!!And we need to acknowledge our own progress and congratulate ourselves!

2 wealthy_1 February 20, 2008

Congratulations on your progress! You are so right. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far we’ve come. We need to celebrate our baby steps!

Hope you have a great vacation. Enjoy using cash!

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