I Went Shopping Today

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… in my closet, of course! Actually, in my kids’ closet.

Even though we are shorter than short of closet space*, I’ve dedicated some precious wardrobe space to stockpiling kids’ clothes. We’re incredibly lucky to have some friends with children slightly older than ours, and they gladly pass down their children’s outgrown clothes. I take what will work for us, and pass the rest on to other friends. I now have six big plastic boxes full of clothes, sorted according to age, just waiting for my children to grow into them.

Yesterday I sorted through the clothes in my daughter’s two top drawers, pulling out everything that was too small. I divided these into three piles: more worn out clothes that can go to the thrift store, newborn things that will go to a pregnant friend, and stuff to go to the consignment shop. Then I took all the clothes from my daughter’s bottom drawer, clothes that are the next size up and fit her now, and transfered those into her top two drawers. Finally, I took the clothes from the 12 month box and put them into the bottom drawer, freeing up another a precious plastic box.

What’s the point to all this juggling? Well it keeps there from being too much choice- more clothes leads to more laundry after all. It also lets me see clearly and at a glimpse what we need, if in fact we need anything at all. For example, I now know that my daughter has very few summer outfits, so on our upcoming US vacation I’ll make sure to stock up on those. I only very occasionally buy outfits for my kids. When I do, it’s almost always at the thrift store and because I think the item is too cute to pass up.

I’m incredibly thankful to my friends for allowing us to save money on something that could be very expensive and I’m more than happy to pass on the favor to others. How about you? Where do you buy your children’s clothing?

*This being France we have no built in closets in our 700 square foot house.

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1 Sophie February 18, 2008

This is so cool!I dream of doing such a thing when we have kids. We have so many outfits already! mostly pyjamas but a lot of shoes and bottles… Many of them were free or almost free.You rock with the pastic boxes, you are doing it the exaxt way I would like to do!

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