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I’ve been thinking a lot about food lately. It’s not because I’m hungry, although there is that. Nor is it because I’ve been obsessing about all the delicious goodies I’m going to eat on our upcoming  meals. At home. From scratch.vacation. It’s because, over the past 23 days, I’ve planned, prepped, prepared, served and cleaned up after 69 different and separate meals.

I’ll pause for your applause now.

That’s a lot of food! And thinking of frugal, balanced and most importantly kid friendly meals isn’t easy, especially since I don’t really want to eat macaroni and cheese every day.* So I thought I’d share a few of the meals that I’ve served my children lately… and they ate.

  • Spinach and Tofu in Peanut Sauce with Rice. The key to this is making sure the peanut/soy sauce flavors overwhelm the spinach flavor. The tofu is so bland that most kids won’t notice it. Luckily they’re not opposed to food with colors, and will eat anything with rice.
  • Pasta with Roasted Red Peppers and Carrots. I started this by accident, by chopping up some carrots and putting them on to boil while waiting for inspiration to strike. I roasted some red peppers in olive oil, and mixed the carrots and peppers with some whole wheat fusili. Toss with a little parmesan or goat cheese. The boys (including my husband) scarfed it up and asked for more.
  • Chicken and White Bean Chili. Remember the leftover chicken? I do this same trick every week. This week I used some broth, about half the leftover chicken, some leftover white beans and a can each of tomatoes and corn.

There you have it.

Three easy meals that fed our family of four (I’m not counting the breastfed baby obviously) easily, with leftovers for my husband for lunch. Each meal cost less than €5 to make, so each serving comes in at less than €1.

*Actually, I love macaroni and cheese. But the French being the culinary challenged people they are, they don’t appreciate its wonders. I have to have it imported- my father buys Costco quantities and ships it- and it’s too precious to eat daily.


1 Sophie February 25, 2008

Oh my God, I am SO impressed!!!!!

You are doing so well!!!

I have to send you the Mac & cheese recipe from my book La Cuisine pour les Nuls. I found it tasted a lot like the American boxes.

2 ntbeachnc February 25, 2008

Hi. I found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it so far. I’m jealous of your living overseas. I studied abroad in Spain for 4 months and enjoyed that a lot. Anyway, I’ve added you to my blogroll and can’t wait to read more about your financial journey.

3 K February 25, 2008

Thanks a lot for your comments, and welcome!

4 K February 25, 2008

And Sophie, I can not believe there’s a recipe for mac n cheese in a French cookbook- too funny!

5 jennifer in OR February 25, 2008

69 meals prepared – I missed something, was this all 69 at once, ahead of time, and put away in the freezer? Sheesh!! Well, whatever it was, I’m still impressed. I need SERIOUS help with meal planning. I’ve never tried the make ahead and freeze thing – does this work? I do have an extra freezer…

(by the way, I just found you through the Carnival of Family Life)

6 K February 25, 2008

69 meals at once- not a chance! It was one at a time, rinse and repeat, three times a day times 23 days (the length of time since we last ate out.) I think it almost might have been easier if it were all at once!

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