Mid Month Check-In: March

by Kelly

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Time for a mid month check in of our progress on our monthly goals. It’s also the Ides of March, but not nearly as grim for us as for Julius Cesear!

Goal: Set up a separate bank account for my emergency fund. Deposit an additional €100 to said emergency fund.
Progress: Done– kind of. Our emergency fund at the ING has €600 in it, or will when they get around to actually transferring the money. We sent in the papers last week, and are now just waiting.

Goal: Nag my husband into signing up for the employer contribution savings plan at his work.
Progress: He has recently switched subdivisions in his company, and the new branch in which he’s now working has not yet set it up. So, he’s off the hook for now.

Goal: Be better (read: start) at transferring my outstanding checks onto my monthly budget sheet
Progress: Ummm. Not yet. Soon, I promise! After our vacation!

Goal: Earn €100 of ‘extra’ income.
Progress: €8.65 from the consignment shop, €25 from Etsy, €15 from a private sale of a sweater that I had posted on Etsy. I’m taking some books with me to sell on Blue Rectangle, and I still have some things at the consignment store; in fact I just took several more items. I also found some things to post on Ebay, but that will have to wait until April.

Goal: Not eat out again until we get to the US.
Progress: Well, we’ve failed on this one, rather miserably in fact. Despite Friday’s post, I think I’m going to have to establish an all or nothing routine. We’ve eaten out two more times so far, and I would love to have a pizza tonight. We’ll see.

Goal: Post another 20 items (including multiples) at my Etsy shop, Kllycat’s Babycat Goods.
Progress: I’ve posted 15, some of which have already sold. I am putting the finishing touches on two Mei Tei baby carriers, so I’m confident I’ll meet this goal.

Goal: Double my number of feed subscribers… this month I want to get to 70.
Progress: Done! Now I’d like to nudge it even higher… let’s see if we can get to 90!

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