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We’re finally here, and although it took us longer than expected, we’re finally up and running. Due to several unrelated technical issues with the airline we spent the night in London and arrived at my mother’s a day late.

British Air put us up in a very nice hotel, and gave us goody bags- frugal me I hung on to them: now I have enough shampoo, conditioner and soap to last us a few weeks. Our delay did cost us money however. We spent $40.80 at the first airport on lunch, which we wouldn’t have bought if there hadn’t been a delay. I also had to buy a new plane ticket that matched the name on my passport exactly, and that cost me 30 pounds! Frugal tip: the United States immigration is very persnickety about names and identities, make sure everything matches before you leave!
Yesterday I went to Target for the first time in two and a half years; quel joie! I spent $94.23 on (mostly) planned purchases: diapers, pyjamas for the baby, bras etc. As the airline had delayed one of my inlaws’ suitcases they gave us a $50 prepaid card. Thank goodness, for otherwise I would have gone over my daily budget by almost double!
I’ve updated our running budget total in the sidebar. The number in parenthesis is the amount we are over/under our $50 limit. Yesterday’s total includes the $44.23 spent at Target after the giftcard, $40 for lunch and $80 in cash for today and tomorrow. Needless to say, I’m hoping that we don’t spend all of it!
I also went grocery shopping yesterday evening with my father-in-law, who paid. I was shocked at the prices, and will be writing about that in more detail later. Now, it’s off to the park, and our frugal picnic lunch!

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1 Rachel @ Master Your Card March 27, 2008

Having a daily budget is such a fantastic idea. I usually make the mistake on holiday of not bothering aboutw hat I spend. I end up eating more and buying food I wouldn’t normally buy or eating out more. I coudl save a lot by using your great idea.

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