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Groceries are expensive here! They’re expensive in France too, but it is a real eye opener to see how much prices have changed in the past three and a half years since I last visited my mother. We spent more than $250 at the grocery store the other day. Granted we did go to one of the most expensive stores in the area, we were shopping for eight and my in-laws did buy treats to take home as gifts, but still! Happily (for us, not them) they paid.

The other thing that I had forgotten, or maybe chose not to remember is how big of a money pit Target is. I’ve set foot in that place twice and each time left having shelled out well over my total daily budget. It’s just so pretty in there, and full of so many things I need… or want to tell myself I need at least. As far as impulse purchases go, they’re about 50% of what we’ve spent there: we bought my two oldest children skateboards the last time we went, to keep them from ripping apart the house plus a bunch of other little stuff. My current game plan is to keep far, far away. We’ll see how long that lasts!
The vacation numbers have been updated. As you can see, we’re slowly climbing out of the hole dug. I’ve done pretty well at packing picnic lunches and making dinner every night. Besides Target, we’ve only spent money on admissions to museums and parking. Oh, and on coffee to go in large paper cups, the lack of which is one of the things I really miss about living in France. I guess that’s my other bug money pit!

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1 Michelle Dawn March 28, 2008

Sounds like things are going well overall 🙂 I've never stepped foot in Target -which from the sounds of things is probably a good thing!

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