Spending Updates

by Kelly

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We’ve been spending money lately, or rather, I’ve been spending money! What have we been spending it on? Well, the $81.31 on Day 10 came from the grocery store- yes again. I went in to buy bread and butter, and left with a cart load of stuff. My in-laws gave me a €50 note, but I’m not going to count this as part of our vacation spending; rather I’m going to apply it to our emergency fund when we get home. I sincerely hope not to have to go shopping again until we get to LA… but we’re almost out of coffee.

Day 11’s expenses came from lunch and parking downtown. I also bought a belt at Old Navy for $2.97 before tax. I really needed it, as my pants (a new thrift store acquisition) were almost falling down around my ankles.

Yesterday’s spending was for two diaper covers, something that I had budgeted for and planned on buying, a mesh feeding back for the baby, another thing that I’d planned on buying, and coffee. I hadn’t planned on buying the coffee, but my addiction to coffee to go in large paper cups is back in full force!

Today we’re going to go to the zoo. My in-laws aren’t going with us, however, and we have coupons for free entries, so I think we’ll be able to stay within budget.

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