Tightwad Gazette Win and Money Saving Vacation Tips

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We had twenty entries for the Tightwad Gazette giveaway! Unfortunately, quite a few people didn’t leave links back to their sites or any contact information, and so I couldn’t enter them into the random drawing. But we do have a winner- Mis_Cas with her great tip ‘Peanut butter and jelly can make an excellent meal out. It doesn’t require refrigeration.’

Take a minute to read all the comments in the original post; there are some excellent money saving suggestions.

Here’s something that I’ve only just discovered, and I consider myself to be a fairly seasoned traveller. Entertainment, or coupon, books can be real money savers. I bought one for each city that we’ll be visiting, and they have already paid for themselves. Plus, I bought them through MyPoints, so I earned points towards rewards. Not only are there coupons for ‘touristy’ things, there are coupons for every day activities: restaurants, oil changes, grocery stores. I plan on taking the books apart, and selling the coupons that we won’t use on Ebay.

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1 Anonymous April 2, 2008

I wanted to leave a link to a blog that I ready on a daily basis. She is American and married to a Frenchman. She has been doing a slow year where she cut her grocery bill to very little and buys only emergency items needed. I found her blog to be very inspirational in helping me to stop shopping and make do with what I have. She has two blogs: one for blogging and one for recipes.


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