March Goals and Daily Spending Wrap Up

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Overall I have to say that March was a success!

We more or less met our goals for the month: I set up a separate bank account for my emergency fund, with €500 in it, and I have an additional €150 set aside to deposit when I get back. I earned €48.65 and $10.65 of additional income this month, well below my goal of €100. On the other hand, I think I’ve probably sold quite a few things at the consignment store, even in my absence, and I am, after all, on vacation! We failed miserably in our goal of not eating out again in France. I haven’t totaled up all our spending, but I know we exceeded our budget in this category. I have a total of 24 items in my Etsy shop, 21 of which we listed in March, meeting and (slightly) exceeding my goal of posting 20 items. As for my final goal, doubling my number of feed subscribers to 70; this morning’s total was 119!

I’m not able to post specific numbers, as something funky is happening with my budget spreadsheet, but I can tell you that we finished this month with a little over €100 in our bank account. That’s after having paid all our bills and spending all the money you see totaled in the vacation column in the sidebar. And we haven’t yet touched our reserved €1000 vacation fund! I’m pretty proud of our progress so far.

Yesterday I only spent money on coffee. Well, also $200 on pictures of my kids, but as I had budgeted for that separately I’m not including it as part of our running total. Today is our last day at my mother’s house, so we’re going to be running around tying up loose ends. Tomorrow we head to my grandparents’. My internet time will be less frequent and reliable over the next few days, but rest assured we have a lot great posts coming up on auto pilot, so stay tuned!

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1 DailySpends April 10, 2008

It’s a great feeling getting an emergency fund set up. Just stashing a few quid away gives you an enormous confidence boost. Keep going . . . I can think of worse places to be in debt than the French Alps 🙂

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