Vacation Numbers Update

by Kelly

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I’ve updated our vacation numbers. Here’s what we’ve been spending our money on!

April 2nd, we arrived in LA. I spent $100 on getting my father’s van out of the airport valet parking where he had very kindly left it for us. Then we drove to see my grandparents near Palm Springs. We stopped on the road for dinner- my parents in laws paid but I was in the car nursing the baby, so I bought my own meal afterward. Even though we paid a lot of money for my father’s van, it was still cheaper than it would have been to rent a car, so I’m pretty happy with the expense.

April 3rd, I went to Walmart (for the first and last time in my life) and spent way too much money on groceries. Again. I also bought sandals for my sons, and flip flops for myself. The boys will wear the sandals all summer, and they’re pretty cute (the sandals, not the boys, although the boys are too). I still feel the food there was really expensive, and it felt really busy and dirty to me. I much prefer Target.

April 4th, I gave my mother $33 in cash so that she could pay for a shuttle bus home. Money well spent, considering that she paid for more groceries (!, I know!) and bought me a large iced coffee at Starbucks. Thanks Mom!

April 5th, I didn’t spend any money! We stayed at home all day, spending time together and playing in the swimming pool. My kids basked in the sun, and I got to do lots of reading. Heaven.

April 6th, I only spent money on a half tank of gas. But still $41.72 for half a tank! Gas is going up, and up, and up. I’m even more thankful that I don’t have a long commute.

April 7th was another zero spending day, which brings up our grand total to a positive number- en fin!

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