Being Unorganized Costs Money

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I’m a organized person. No, actually I admit it: I’m an obsessively organized person. I come by this trait fairly, through my mother, who sometimes jokes that her gravestone will read ‘She Was Organized’.

Not only do I have a genetic tendency towards organization, my life requires that I be organized; I have three children, three cats, a husband, volunteer commitments and a variety of paying jobs, all run out of a very small house. There are a lot of balls in the air at any given time.

But, somehow, when I go on vacation my organizing gene goes on vacation too.

Take the time we went to the Santa Monica Beach and Pier. I’m from Los Angeles- I should know that it’s usually at least ten degrees cooler near the water. Did I think to bring sweaters for my children? Nope, and so when we got out of the car and my sons turned purple and started shaking we had to buy something for them to wear. We weren’t able to go to a thrift store either, so we went to the Gap. Luckily, although I paid full price for one sweatshirt, I was able to find another at 60% off.

Or how about the times when we headed to a certain restaurant because I had a reduction in my coupon book. And then I forgot the coupon book. Several times it was just in the car and my husband was able to run and get it, but other times it cost us a fair amount of money in potential discounts.

What did have the potential to be a fairly expensive mistake turned into a narrow save thanks again to my husband. On the way to the airport we had bought round trip shuttle tickets, which cost €90. While we were on the last leg of our journey home I suddenly realized that I didn’t have the return tickets in my bag, and neither did my husband. We couldn’t find them in any of our carry ons and I started to panic that we had lost them. When we picked up our luggage, my husband emptied out our large duffel bag and found the tickets in the pocket of his winter coat. We were just able to make the shuttle, and didn’t have to pay a €45 stupid tax.

Now that we’re home again, I’m back into full organizing mode. I have to be- you should see all the suitcases I have to unpack!


1 Kelly April 23, 2008

I think it’s all about genetics I’m afraid! Or maybe it’s being raised in the household of an organizer… the old nature versus nurture debate raises its ugly head! There’s a great site called The Unclutterer that really helps.

2 Ukie (formerly Dutch April 23, 2008

Organization! That is one of the things I have to work on. I have a disaster of a basement that I'm planning on cleaning out and selling/giving away stuff from. If you have tips on how to become an obsessively organized person, I'd love to hear!

3 Rita January 4, 2010


Would you tell me where you order your groceries? That is a great idea especially in winter months. Thanks!

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