The Great Hamster Wheel Of Life

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There are times when I feel myself turning around in circles, frantically peddling, spinning in a wheel and getting nowhere. Now is one of those times.

I find myself going back and forth across my living room, starting something and putting it down. Then I wander into the kitchen and start something else before going back to what I had started first. My kids hang on me asking for attention and I answer them distractedly. I sit down with a task to accomplish on My Small Cents and get dragged into doing something else that I hadn’t intended to do but which sidetracks me anyway. Nothing I do satisfies me; I’ve gotten off track.

Not to mention those things that I want to do but can’t quite seem to get around to moving off the ‘master list’ of things to do and on to the ‘today list’. Both The Simple Dollar and Mrs Micah have been talking about ways to get your financial house in order. This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time although I’m certainly not anticipating being abducted by aliens! I have three young children and financial affairs spread over two continents; it’s foolhardy of me not to have a will or a master financial document.

I know that I start to feel this way and lose motivation when I’m feeling unsure of how to proceed, or feeling like the work I’m doing isn’t very good. For example, I’m doing a site redesign and migrating My Small Cents to a hosted server and WordPress. I am not at all a technical person and so it’s taking me a long time to figure out the ins and outs of the process; on the other hand, once I have finished the redesign I will be incredibly proud of what I have accomplished. Another time I start to get like this is when my time isn’t structured enough. It’s easy to let time slip away from me and before you know it have the day has gone by and nothing has been accomplished.I’ve figured out a way to battle that pest however; a post I’ve written on my method of doing so will be up at Obzokee next week.

How about you? What is frustrating in your life at the moment? How do you deal with it?


1 Amy May 8, 2008

I know the feeling! Somehow at work, you can finish a task and feel good about it, but at home there is always one more thing to do! I have been doing well with the three-item to-do list. I have one for the house and one for me (so it’s really a six-item to-do list). Even though three things don’t seem like much, they do add up. . .knid of like those old snowflakes!

2 Mrs. Micah May 8, 2008

I hope you won’t get abducted by aliens either! 🙂

It seems like life is just one long to-do list. But I look at it this way: If there’s nothing left that you have to or want to do….then you don’t have a reason to keep going. Every day you need to or want to do something else is another reason to go on.

3 L@SpillingBuckets May 8, 2008

My frustrations are actually the same as yours. Almost identical.

4 Kelly May 9, 2008

Good comments everyone, and thanks! Sometimes things seem really daunting, and then you have a glass of wine, or a good night's sleep, and the next day isn't so bad… thanks.

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