Shoot Yourself In The Foot- You Know You Want To

by Kelly · 3 comments

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Why is it we continue to do things we know aren’t good for us, even after knowing they aren’t good choices? Especially after knowing they aren’t good choices?

I know that eating too much food will make me fat, yet I overeat anyway. I know that spending too much money isn’t good for my budget, but spend away I do. I know that it’s especially not good to eat at McDonalds’ with its lure of overpriced undernutrition, but what did we have for dinner?

And the list goes on: using disposable diapers, letting my kids watch too much TV. Yelling too much. Lusting after things at Ikea and then buying them.

And so on and so forth. Life goes marching steadfastly on, despite my best efforts to shoot myself in the foot. What I do today does not equal what I do tomorrow, because, after all, tomorrow is another day. A day when I can try to do better, and stand proud on my own two feet.


1 Frugal Trenches June 1, 2008

We all have setbacks, my biggest piece of advice is to forgive yourself and move on! You may need to remind me of that one myself every now and then :0)

2 Kelly June 1, 2008

Good advice!

3 Charity June 1, 2008

This is a great reminder. I was just talking to a friend the other day about why it’s so hard not to yell at our kids? I mean, here they are, these precious little people who mean the world to me, and yet I can’t keep my voice down when I speak to them? It’s a funny dynamic. :0)

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