Growing Up Financially

by Kelly

in Thoughts On Frugality

One of the things I hate most, I think, about my current financial situation is how responsible I feel I have to be about it. There are two choices. I could continue with how things were before: not enough money to pay even the basics, feeling stressed and having my stomach in knots. Or, behind door number two, the sticking to the budget plan, paying as much as possible to debt reduction, snowballing every extra cent possible (again for debt reduction) and putting things off.

The last part is the hardest for my husband. His salary has doubled, over the eight years we’ve been together, but he feels like we’re still not managing to get ahead. More importantly, for him, he feels like he’s not able to profit from his money, like he isn’t rewarded for his hard work. He does work hard, and his increase in salary has changed how we live. We now have enough money to pay our bills every month instead of dodging creditors and asking our parents to bail us out on a monthly basis.

Sleeping well at night however, and being current on monthly bills, is rewarding in the long term, but not much comfort when it comes to the urge to splurge. I want to buy bikes for my kids, new clothes for my husband, new furniture for the living room. I have projects!! If only I had money.

And, if nothing else, my self restraint* is a sign of how I am slowly but surely growing up financially. Not too long ago I would have been out there with my credit or debit cards, student loan payments be damned. But I am being responsible, darn it, as befits a grown up. Ahh, to be twenty again! Well not really, but you know what I mean!

*Full disclosure: Day 8 spending
Spent: €27.15 (€22 at the post office, €5.15 on unnecessary plant pots). So maybe I’m only 25 years old financially!

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