Eat Your Rainbows

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I am far from being a wildly creative mom, the sort who gets down on her hands and knees and participates in fantastic, inventive projects with her two year olds. But every once in a while I have a flash of brilliant inspiration, which then becomes part of our day to day life.

This was one of those ideas- a way to help kids get their five a day. Make a rainbow on their plate with different colored fruit or vegetables. For example, at lunch the other day my kids were served strips of red pepper, long sticks of orange carrots, strips of yellow peppers, cooked asparagus, and thin strips of beets. Ranch sauce served as clouds for dipping, and goldfish swam below. They didn’t really eat a lot of the beets (and I realize there wasn’t any blue), but they were very excited about the idea and helped to arrange the veggies on their plates. This idea works great with fruit as well. Just about anything white can serve as clouds- the swimming fish are extra!

Red: tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, plums

Orange: carrots, oranges, squash, peaches

Yellow: banana, yellow squash, yellow pepper, pineapple

Green: Green pepper, broccoli, green beans, avocado, asparagus

Blue: blueberries, blackberries, blueberry or blackberry yogurt

Purple: beets, boysenberries

White: sour cream, ranch dip, cottage cheese

Any other colorful ideas?

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1 Sabrina July 4, 2008

That is an awesome idea!
I sometimes make a little heart when I spray ketchup and the like on the kids’ plates but it never occured to me to make the whole dish into a painting 🙂
For our oldest kid (5 yo) it actually works to just tell her that fruit and veggies are healthy – she asks “is this healthy?” on just about anything.
We explain it in kiddie-terms, though. For instance, broccoli are “small vitamin trees that’ll make you healty and get well sooner when you’re ill”. And boy, does my kid like her some broccoli! 😀 (She still loves candy too, though…)
But the little one (18 months) obviously can’t have it explained the same way – I’ll try out your approach today. I have a feeling it’ll work wonders 🙂

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