June Numbers and July Goals

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Here are the numbers from our June Budget.

Our total monthly income was €3720.03; €1861.00 from my husband’s salary, €1041.01 from my maternity leave and €818.02 from other income. The other income included €500 that my husband’s parents gave him for his birthday, reimbursements for some medical expenses and money that I earned from Etsy and Ebay.

We projected to spend €2879.93, but instead we spent €3575.52. We spent €695.59 more than we planned on spending, but we spent €144.51 less than we earned. However… we couldn’t put that ‘extra’ €144.51 into savings, because if you’ll remember, we started the month with a negative bank balance.

A couple of highlights from the budget: I had trimmed my grocery budget from its normal €400 to €330, to try to make up starting the month in the red. That didn’t work, as we spent €466.69, a difference of €136.69. We also spent €243.88 instead of €150.00 on gas, but a lot of that was due to my husband’s business trips, and we will be reimbursed for that.

We finished the month in the red, but it quickly was transformed into black, as my husband received a €1250 bonus on his June paycheck. €500 of that is going into our emergency fund, €250 will be used to top off the hole from the month of June, my husband got €300 to use as his birthday money (as his birthday money got used plugging the budget hole) and I got €200 to spend at Ikea on the living room cabinet I needed and have been lusting after.

Besides adding €500 to the emergency fund, my other big goal for July is to stick to my budget. We have no out of the ordinary expenses this month, no parties, no vacations, school is finished so I’m driving less… I should be able to do it!


1 Harmless Queen July 8, 2008

I hope you’ll stick to your budget. I’m having the same goal with my husband, to stick to our budget and not to spend more but …We’ll see if it’s going to work 🙂
Good luck 🙂

Harmless Queen’s last blog post..Loosing weight?!

2 Today's Budget July 8, 2008

I'm sure you'll be able to stay on-budget.

The grocery budget is something our household needs to watch. I'm using July as a benchmark to see how much we are spending on groceries. I'm embarrassed to say – I don't know.

I posted my July Goals: Debt, Snowball, Snowflakes and More…goals as well.

I'm looking at your Etsy space as we have some upcoming baby gifts to buy. I'm so glad I found your site!

Today's Budget's last blog post..First Big, Fat Snowflake in July

3 Carol July 8, 2008

The best of luck in your goals. It ain’t easy. Seems we all spend most of our lives chipping away at debt.

You’ve got to love French maternity leave, don’t you?

4 FinancePuzzle July 12, 2008

Great progress on the goal….good luck to you on your future goals and I look forward to reading about how you get there….This blog is a great resource for other finance bloggers, like myself

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