We Have Three Winners!

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Thanks for all the entries into the Great Kid Giveaway, in which no real kids are given away, but three cool prizes are! We had 108 entries spread out over the three categories: 55 for the Play Corn, 38 for the Babycat Goods store credit and 15 for the placemat. Some entries came in via the email option, which is why there are only 60 comments on the original post. I used Random.org to generate the winning numbers for the corresponding entries on my hightech Word document.

  • The Play Corn goes to Amy, who doesn’t have a site, so I can’t link to her! (number 34)
  • The Babycat Goods store credit goes to Imabrat at Fractured Toys. (number 23)
  • The placemat goes to Michelle of Maisie and Me. (number 6)

Congratulations to all our winners! I will have another contest, but not for a while. The next one is going to involve regional French products however, including some very potent (and old) liqueur. Stay tuned, or better yet, subscribed!


1 mannequin July 28, 2008

Thank you so much for the store credit to such a wonderful store! I’m off to shop! Thank you for the giveaway almost frugal!

mannequin’s last blog post..It’s an argument; or is it?

2 Shevy July 29, 2008

Regional French products, you say? I’ll have to watch for that one.

Shevy’s last blog post..Still Talking About Grocery Prices

3 Karen R July 29, 2008

Congrats to the winners!

4 mannequin August 5, 2008

I just received the gift from Kllycat’s Babycat Goods and boy am I impressed! She even threw in a little something extra; her work is divine!
Thanks again!

5 Kelly August 5, 2008

Hey thanks! I’m glad you like it.

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