Your Own Seaside Resort

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It’s hot here today, hot with a capital H. So hot that, well, I can’t think of how hot it is, but I’m sure you can imagine.

We do live in a house, but it’s a tiny house without a garden. So I can’t throw the kids out into the yard to run through the sprinklers and there’s really nowhere for the baby to safely indulge in water play. Going to the actual swimming pool, with the cool refreshing water and shady lawn to lounge on is, frankly, too much effort for me at the moment. I’m mellllting!

Enter the inside seaside resort. Take one wading pool, or the inflatable or hard sided variety. Stick it in the middle of your living room rug, close to the couch but out of splashing distance. Do not, under any circumstances, fill it with water. Instead, get a dishpan or other small basin (sometimes a large cooking pot will do) and fill that with water. Plop your baby or toddler in the pool with the container and some other small things for pouring. Tupperware works wonders. Let them have at it. Do not doze off on the couch- as much as you want to- babies with water need to be supervised at all times!

Your own frugal resort, complete with waterfront views and cooling sea splashes!

What are your tips for keeping babies and kids cool and moms and dads less cranky during the dog days of summer?


1 Jon July 31, 2008

I’m surprised you even have the courage to write when it’s this hot out–and I live in northern France!

2 Ribeezie August 1, 2008

Talk about getting creative! I was just going to suggest hoppin’ in the car for a bit and turnin’ on the a/c (definitely not a frugal thing to do with gas prices all high and such). And really, who would do such a thing?! (Oh wait, I think I have once…)

3 Dana August 1, 2008

We went to the budget movies today! $2.50 – and that included your popcorn – it was nice and cold inside! 🙂

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4 Kelly August 1, 2008

@Jon, I write a lot at night- it’s not so bad then!

5 Eponine August 3, 2008

For just a second, I thought you were going to say that you filled the pool in the living room. I was wondering how you would empty it! 🙂

6 JHS August 10, 2008

Thanks for participating in this week’s Carnival of Family Life hosted at All Rileyed Up tomorrow, Monday, August 11, 2008!

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