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Following with the theme of ‘because I don’t have enough to do with my life’ comes Almost Frugal Food! That’s right, I’ve launched a food blog.

I love food, both eating it and cooking it and I find that I would like to write about it more. Only thing is, Almost Frugal is a frugality blog, and I don’t want to move away from that. Hence Almost Frugal Food.

I plan to talk about food the same way I talk about frugality and personal finance: from the perspective of someone who enjoys discovering new things, but is certainly no expert. Not to mention the little bit of cuisine française thrown in for good measure! After all, what would a food blog be without talking about French food, even from an American perspective (you’ve all seen Ratatouille, right?).

I also want to hear about your favorite recipes and regional traditions so there will be an ongoing recipe exchange: Friday is for Food. We will feature your favorite recipe on your blog- frugal, fast, family-friendly, French or fun (or any other F adjective you can think of!). I have some fantastic bloggers lined up already; the pictures and recipes they have up are mouth-watering. Make sure to visit them when you’re struggling to find ideas for dinner. If you want to participate in Friday is for Food, just let me know.

And to kick things off, there’s going to be a contest. A yummy contest. With things to eat and drink. Yummy things. (If my family doesn’t eat them first!) That will be next month (September 2008), so stay tuned.

Hop on over and check it out. We’ll be talking leftovers and finger food, authentic French cuisine and salsa toppings and much, much more. Don’t miss out, you can even subscribe!


1 Emily August 8, 2008

Awesome! I subscribed! 🙂

Emily’s last blog post..Less is More

2 Kelly August 8, 2008

@Emily- Thanks for subscribing!
@Jon- I might just have to beg you for that recipe.

3 Jon August 8, 2008

Cool! Besides the continuous joy of discovering French food for Americans, I'm always keen to see ways to make American dishes in France (the ingredients one can easily find in both countries are often different, so it's not always easy to work out good substitutions).

I have succesfully worked out a recipe for Boston Baked Beans (a frugal classic) that can be made with ingredients that I was able to find in France. Next time I make it I'll take pictures so I can turn that into a blog post.

4 Dana August 8, 2008

Looking forward to reading it!

5 Kelly August 8, 2008

@Frugal Trenches,
The best way to subscribe to a blog’s feed is, if they offer it, subscribe to their email feed. That way their content will arrive in your inbox, just like a regular email. I much prefer this to having to go somewhere to read a post, as it requires very little effort. You can find mine, for example, in the left hand column, at the top (with the cute little squirrel).

6 Frugal Trenches August 8, 2008

I am a blogger who does not understand feeds and has no idea how to subscribe…but I'm excited about the blog!! 🙂

Frugal Trenches's last blog post..Giving!

7 Katie August 9, 2008

Hey Kelly! Thanks for the head's up, looks really great! Can't wait to peruse what's up already, looks like some great ideas. Thanks for including me!

Katie's last blog post..Tips and Tricks: Don’t use water.

8 Lin August 9, 2008

I love food and even more, I love reading about food.

9 Robin December 23, 2008

Yay! Another resource! I'm excited to read more.

<abbr>Robin´s last blog post..Giving the Bird to the Bird? A Call for Help</abbr>

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