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Here are some of my favorite food related articles from around the table… uh, blogosphere.

Small Notebook presents a guide to batch cooking, including freezing tips and recipe ideas.

The cherry sauce is drunk in this delicious sounding dessert from Cook.Eat.Think.

Here’s a story from NPR about a school cook in France. Let me tell you that not all French school meals are up to these standards! My husband has plenty of gory stories to tell about canned lentils, old carrot salad and mystery mash.

The (ex)Expatriate’s kitchen presents beetcake, which actually sounds really, really good, in a tribute to George Carlin.

Makes and Takes shows how to make chocolate pudding pie. I say, why bother with the crust, just hand over a bowl and spoon, but I suppose that’s not very good manners.

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1 Rachel August 19, 2008

I am all about eating the cake batter or pie filling from the bowl, and then not even bothering with the finished product. Just pass me a spoon please.

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