6 Things to Make with Stale Bread

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1. Bruschetta

Stale baguettes are perfect for bruschetta, which is really just the original garlic bread. Split the baguette in half, toast it in the oven, then rub it with garlic and drizzle olive oil over it. But you can go further: I like to add sliced tomatoes and then grill it again in the oven. Although purists may sniff, you could add slices of mozzarella or ham, artichokes or grilled zucchini. Makes a delicious snack or meal with a fresh salad.

2. French Toast

Is there a better Sunday morning breakfast? Soak slices of stale bread in an egg and milk mixture. Fry until golden. My husband likes to eat his dipped into coffee, but if you’re not French, you can content yourself with sprinkling the French toast with nutmeg and drizzling with maple syrup or honey butter.

3. Stuffing or Dressing

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to treat yourself to stuffing. I believe it really is perfect all year round. It seems like each family has their own recipe for stuffing or dressing; I make mine with sauteed apples, onion, carrots and celery, homemade chicken stock and white wine serve to moisten it. Sometimes I toss in dried cranberries, or bits of turkey. Best eaten cold, at midnight, in front of the open fridge door.

4. Bread Pudding or Custard

Again there are as many recipes as there are cooks. I shared my recipe for Apple Custard Bread on Almost Frugal back in March. Or you could go the indulgent nuts and whipped cream route shown above.

5. Bread Crumbs

You need really stale, hard bread for this, so if yours hasn’t quite reached that point then you can dry it out in the oven. Break the bread into smallish chunks and then grind in your blender or mixer. I like to leave some plain, but then to the rest I add mixed herbs, some salt and lots of garlic. You then have ready made bread topping for baked chicken, or filler for tuna patties. I keep it in the freezer, in small tupperware containers.

6. Bread Sculptures

OK, so this isn’t something to eat, but it is a fun craft to make. This is especially well suited to kids who like to squish things between their fingers… wait, isn’t that all kids?


1 Katie August 26, 2008

Probably somewhere between bread crumbs and bruschetta is croutons! My favorite stale bread use. 🙂 Great ideas!

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2 Kelly August 26, 2008

Croutons! Forgot about them! I love croutons, especially the really big ones in a nice cesear salad.

3 Kai August 29, 2008

Don’t forget about bread salad! I’ve never made one but have been wanting to try that for a long time.

4 Gina August 29, 2008

I don’t know what to call it but I love to make a quiche-ish thing. Chop up the stale bread in 1 inch pieces and fry up in some butter or oil. Toss in some veggies, greens, onions, whatever. Pour in some beaten up eggs and milk batter and bake til set. Great use for leftover bread, veggies, cheese and very yummy.

5 Kelly August 29, 2008

@Kai, I’ve never made bread salad either, but it always sounds so good- like sopping up the rest of your salad dressing with bread. Yum!

@Gina, your recipe sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to try that next time I have stale bread sitting around- might be tomorrow!

6 Heidi from Savory Tv September 11, 2008

Great ideas. I agree with Kelly on the croutons! I take a bit of olive oil, freshly chopped garlic, basil, salt and pepper, mix together, and cut up squares of a not so fresh baguette. I then mix the bread with the oil mixture, and onto a cookie sheet, bake at 325 until crispy.

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7 Marilou July 12, 2009

What a great post. I love all your ideas, especially the French Toast and Bread Pudding recipes. Nothing warms your soul better than a great cup of fresh bread pudding. Thanks!
.-= Marilou ´s last blog ..Friday Favorites =-.

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