Perfect Potato Salad

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We had a picnic yesterday, probably our last picnic of the year. It was a potluck picnic, and I brought several things to share. One of the dishes that I brought I had been craving for a long time, and so was excited to have a chance to make! That was a perfectly creamy potato salad, and here’s how I make it.

You need:

  • an equal number of potatoes and eggs (ie, 1 potato+ 1 egg, 2 potatoes+ 2 eggs: this gives you the right proportions)
  • fresh parsley
  • celery
  • onion
  • black olives
  • bacon
  • dill pickles
  • mayonnaise
  • sour cream
  • good dijon mustard

The proportions of this recipe depend on what ingredients you like the most. Knock yourself out with the bacon if you want!

Dice the potatoes and cook them until tender in lightly salted water. Hard boil the eggs. I usually cook the eggs and potatoes together. Drain well and put the potatoes in a large bowl. Peel and chop the eggs, add to the potatoes.

While the potatoes and eggs are cooking, cook the bacon until crisp. Then let it dry on some paper towels before chopping finely. You could also use turkey or soy bacon if you like, but I’d add the soy bacon at the very last minute so it doesn’t get soggy.

Chop the celery, onion, pickles, olives and parsley finely and add to the potatoes and eggs. Mix equal quantities sour cream and mayonnaise and then add a few large dollops of mustard, depending on how spicy you like it. Mix well and chill. Delicious.

I also brought ham and cheese pockets– the perfect picnic sandwich in my opinion. You can even make it the night before.


1 Nate October 27, 2008

Wow, an equal number of eggs to potatoes? I never knew you had to have that many eggs!

Nates last blog post..Chopped Shrimp Waldorf Salad

2 Kelly October 27, 2008


You don’t have to have that many eggs, I just like mine really eggy, so I use a whole lot. It’s actually not that overwhelming, when you consider the relative size of an egg to a potato. What is necessary, however, is the sour cream. It just adds a certain something to the potato salad that you can’t get with just mayo.

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