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I have a guest post up at Simple Mom, called On Juggling Many Hats in which I explain how I try to hold it all together in my many different roles in life: student, woman, friend, volunteer and most importantly mom and wife. If you haven’t checked out Simple Mom’s blog yet, make sure to drop by and read as much as possible- she’s worth it.

And welcome to Simple Mom readers! I’m glad you stopped by.


1 Emma October 26, 2008

Hi Kelly,
I am a fan of Simple Mom’s and got to know your blog through your guest post there. That was one excellent post, especially the “learning to say no” part – it reminded me how hard it was for me and how guilty I felt every time I had to say no to people. I like your blog, will subscribe to RSS – you’ve got good stuff here 🙂


Emma´s last blog post..The Lazy Mom’s way to teach a baby to drink from a cup

2 Kelly October 26, 2008

Thanks Emma. Funny, I just discovered your blog thanks to Simple Mom as well! Saying no continues to be a challenge for me, but I get better at it every day. My kids are helping me along… just wait until your baby gets to the toddler stage!

But joking aside, kids are good at setting their boundries. How do we lose that as adults?

3 Emma October 26, 2008

I guess it's because as adults we learn to compromise – that's the only explanation I can think of. I am doing a lot of reading now about "the toddler stage", just to make sure I'm prepared to face what's coming 🙂

<abbr>Emma´s last blog post..The Lazy Mom’s way to teach a baby to drink from a cup</abbr>

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