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How do you stretch your food budget? Join the conversation at Almost Frugal Food and share how you make your food dollars (or euros!) go further.


1 Frank October 28, 2008

We make extra portions when w cook and use them for lunch. As an example, my wife cooked a pasta dish last night (total cost, including the sausage, was about $7). It fed four of us, and will feed two of us foer lunch today. Whatw e are saving in the cost of lunch has more than paid for the original ingredients

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2 liz October 29, 2008

We also (OK, I) cook enough at dinner for leftovers for lunch. Easier and cheaper. I make meal plans every two weeks in google calendar, and do a major shop every 2 weeks. Cutting down on those last minute trips to the store has saved us lots in impule buys.

I buy frozen veggies instead of fresh. This is actually a savings in Alaska, fresh produce being hard to come buy sometimes.

I bake my own bread and make my own salsa, hummus and many other sauces and dips for less than it costs to buy them in a can or jar.

Hmm. I know there’s more but that’s all I can think of. 🙂

3 Jeremy Day October 31, 2008

Hi Kelly,

One way I make my food budget go further is my eating a lot of rice and pasta. Maybe its not smart for everyone, but it helps fill you up quick. PB&J is a personal favorite. Also oatmeal is the way to go if you eat breakfast. Its both cheaper and healthier than cereal or any other breakfast item you might have.


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