Eating Out of the Fridge

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I just defrosted my refridgerator and freezer. In order to do so I had to turn it off for 24 hours and so I needed to empty it of as much food as possible. I was especially concerned with emptying the freezer out of all the mystery food meals I had carefully prepared in advance.

So we ate a lot of original meals during the two weeks (!) it took to empty the fridge. The most memorable was the vegetable patty pancakes using frozen julienned vegetables. I had to add a lot of flour in order to get enough starch for them to stick together like proper latkes (potato pancakes) do, and they were a little too gummy and gooey. Didn’t stop me from eating them though! I thought it would only take a few days, but I guess I had more food stashed away than I thought. There really is a reason that Almost frugal has a squirrel as its mascot.

When did you last defrost your freezer? What surprises or treasures did you find? And what was the most interesting meal you ate during that time.

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1 jennielle9 November 3, 2008

Well, we involuntarily defrosted due to Hurricane Ike a few months ago! No power for 10 days or so. We had quite a lot of food stored away and managed to eat a lot of it. Unfortunately because we couldn’t work on the stock gradually with the power still on, we did end up throwing some food out; but I think we did a pretty good job of using it.

And now we’re all ready with freezer space for the holidays!

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