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It’s been a tagging kind of week! First I was tagged by Gidget for the Random Things Meme. Then I was tagged by Sarah at Lifestyles of the Organized. Gidget’s tag was for six random things, and Sarah’s was for seven. So, as a good personal finance blogger, I’m sharing seven random things about me… financially.

  1. I was really good at saving money with my first bank account- until I got an ATM card.
  2. I’ve never had more than $3000 in savings at any one time, and that was only on rare occasions.
  3. I feel really uncomfortable talking about money with my kids, even though I understand the importance of doing so.
  4. My kids don’t get an allowance for two reasons: I don’t know how much to give them and I feel like we can’t afford it (even though we really can).
  5. I resent when my husband buys things, even when he’s using his designated slush fund.
  6. I have a bowl with random international spare change in it, just about the only souvenirs I keep from traveling.
  7. I feel inferior to people who spend more money than I do and have more expensive things than me, even though they might not  necessarily be managing their money wisely.

And you! I don’t like to tag people with this sort of meme, so if you choose to play along (with financial stuff or not) then just leave link back to this post in your post and the link will be automatically added in the trackbacks. Or leave your answer here- what are some random financial things about you?


1 anonymous November 5, 2008

Very interesting. I too hate it when my husband spends money, why is that? I can be such a bi**h.

2 Moneymonk November 5, 2008

“I resent when my husband buys things” <- why?

3 Vintage Mommy November 5, 2008

I think my unhealthy relationship with money is somehow connected to my unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Although . . .we’re not by nature conspicuous consumers, I have a hard time with impulse buying (on a small scale).

Vintage Mommy´s last blog post..What is Open Adoption?

4 Frank November 6, 2008

Interesting post…..I never feel inferior around people spending more money than me; they usually waste it on things I would never buy so I’m not intimidated

Frank´s last blog post..Why Rent When You Can Own a DVR

5 Roshawn @ Watson Inc November 6, 2008

I also do not feel inferior when people spend more money than me. I always love finding deals and love to pay less than others. When people buy expensive things, I always ask “can they really afford that?” If so, great. If not, then I’m not impressed.

6 Kelly November 6, 2008


this is certainly not a rational reaction! There is no reason why I should be upset when my husband spends money, other than my (possible, cough cough) control issues. But at least I’m aware of this, and trying to work on my own issues; it’s also why we each have a designated ‘slush fund’ of money that we don’t have to account to the other for.

7 Amy @ My Daily Dollars November 6, 2008

A random financial thing about me: I do all my budgeting with a pen and paper. I’ve never had the patience to use any type of software!

Amy @ My Daily Dollars´s last blog post..Goodbye Favorite Skirt. . . Hello New President

8 Courtney November 6, 2008

I just had to comment on your #7. I struggle with this exact same thing. I often catch myself being envious of what others have, or the lifestyle they lead, wishing I had the same. But it’s true, you really have no idea how they paid for all of that, how much debt they are in, how little savings they have. But it could also be that they won the lottery or collected an inheritance, and are doing just fine in all the financial areas of their life! You just really never know…

Courtney´s last blog post..How to nap, waste time, and get nothing done

9 neimanmarxist November 7, 2008

i share the “resent husband when he spends money on things, even if it’s been designated for him to spend it. ” no idea what that’s about. he makes all the money, he should have lunch with his friends, right? har. another weird financial thing about me is that for a while I was TERRIFIED of seeing my balances. like, never ever looked at my bank balance (they were not good balances. they were imbalances, if we want to put it more succinctly.) i have since got over that. 🙂

neimanmarxist´s last blog post..Waste Not

10 Jennifer November 7, 2008

I feel guilty when I spend money on myself, even if it’s a little inexpensive item like a shirt on the clearance rack or an inexpensive pair of shoes. I also get that twinge of jealousy when my dh makes a purchase for himself without that feeling!

Jennifer´s last blog post..Sewing Week: A Holiday by Hands Festival Event

11 Bonnie November 14, 2008

I have a bowl full of international coins, too. 🙂

I paid off all of my credit card debt about 8 years ago and didn't use a credit card for at least 2 years. One day I used it for one purchase…and as the years went by I accumlated thousands and thousands of dollars of debt. I am ashamed that I was debt-free and happy for two years and then I got into the same mess again. However, I'm *almost* back to being debt-free…and I hope I can stay that way this time!

12 Denise April 21, 2009

1. I was *never* good at saving when I was a kid/teenager. In fact I kept getting hit with the "excessive withdrawal" charge at my bank.

2. I had about $4,000.00 in credit card debit when I was 22, I paid it ALL OFF within a year and a half. (Lots of overtime was worked!)

3. I am currently a SAHM to, 2 kids, and feel bad whenever we "need to go to the store", this is usually for basics (milk, diapers etc.)

4. My husband and I talked about setting up a budget before I became a SAHM, I thought he was nuts, now I see how smart that really is.

5. Hence following the budget has been an ongoing learning experience for us.

6. My (almost) 3 year old is being taught about money. He thinks a dollar is the coolest thing in the world. (I hope it stays that way!) 🙂

7. This blog has really been a GREAT INSPIRATION for me in trying to live a more frugal life. I really was moved by yesterday's post on staying motivated. 🙂

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