5 Ways to Use The Rest of That Cranberry Sauce

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Thanksgiving is over (sigh), not to be repeated for another year. And we still have some time before Christmas and we break out the cranberry sauce again. But once Christmas is over, and there are eleven months until we have another occasion to eat cranberry sauce, we need to find a use for the bit that’s left. Here are five ways to make sure your leftover cranberry sauce doesn’t go to waste.

I like to freeze cranberry sauce in my little tupperware containers from Ikea. I find that it gives me the perfect amount for when I want to use just a bit. Not to mention that cranberry sauce, at least the homemade variety, freezes really well.

Sometimes, when I’m in the mood for a nice, fruity cake, I whip up a perfect cake and add some of that frozen sauce to it. If you put in about 1/2 a cup it gives just the right flavor.

Cranberry sauce is good with poultry, of course, but it also goes well with darker, rich meats like beef or venison (not that anyone can afford to eat venison these days, unless they hunted it themselves). I particularly like making a sort of beef bourginon in the crock pot, and adding cranberry sauce for the last few hours. The acidity helps to tenderize the meat, and it loses its sweetness during the cooking.

Cranberry sauce as jam on buttered toast is a treat worth having!

A lovely, English dessert, is topping a round of brie with cranberry sauce and then baking it. Just cut the top rind off the wheel of Brie (Carefully, so as not to remove the cheese, just the rind). Then spread with the cranberry sauce. You might want to wrap some tin foil around the cheese, so that when it melts it retains it’s shape. I love this dessert, and it is so good spread on fresh French bread.

How do you use your leftover cranberry sauce? Please don’t tell me you throw it away!


1 SimplyForties December 23, 2008

What wonderful ideas!

SimplyFortiess last blog post..Having a Hard Time Getting Life Insurance?

2 Funny about Money December 23, 2008

Love your brie idea!

Homemade cranberry sauce makes wonderful ice cream topping, too.

Funny about Moneys last blog post..Volunteer!

3 Karen December 25, 2008

I am the only one who likes cranberry sauce (yes…the canned jelly kind) for leftover turkey sandwiches on buns. But a whole can is quite a bit. I have frozen some and it worked well. This year I made oatmeal jam bars but substituted the cranberry jelly instead of the jam in slices between the layers of the crust and topping and then slightly mashed with a fork to help spread the circles. It turned out quite tasty.

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