Four Guilt Free Pleasures

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Following Wednesday’s post about my four indulgences, I thought I’d share four (nearly) guilt-free pleasures.

Good toast One of the local bakeries (there are two in my little village) makes the best bread. The other makes fabulous cakes, but as the cakes are a bit pricey and very fancy we rarely buy them. The bread bakery, on the other hand, makes perfect, chewy, slightly sour French bread with a crispy  crust and light, air filled interior. A flute, or large baguette, costs €1.10. It’s the kind of bread that American bakeries always try to duplicate, but never quite succeed. I bring it home, we eat about half immediately with cheese, and I freeze the rest. Sliced into large pieces lengthwise, it makes excellent buttered toast.

Free long distance phone calls Our internet comes bundled in a package that gives us free long distance phone calls to the United States. So I can call my mother, my father, my best friend, you name it, and talk for hours. It makes being so far away seem a little less far and I love not having to worry about how much I’m spending on phone calls. The same plan also offers free calls in between my husband’s and mine cell phones, all for the price of what you would pay for just internet with other companies (we use Neuf, if any French readers are wondering).

Free British TV When I first moved to France, eight years ago, we paid a lot more for internet and international phone calls than we do. And, had we chosen to have international TV, we would have paid a lot more for that too. A lot more. But now, with our satellite dish, we get about twenty British channels for free. The dish was here before we moved into the house- all we’ll do is move it back when we leave. I watch old reruns of Ricky Lake (they used to show Oprah!) and The X Factor or American Idol, my husband likes reruns of The Wonder Years. My kids watch the kids channel and then play on the corresponding website.

A clean house Disorder stresses me out, and even more so in our humble abode. Kid clutter, student clutter, computer clutter or guitar clutter- it doesn’t really matter, it’s all stressful. So, those times when I’m most stressed (or trying to avoid studying for an exam) I clean my house. And then I have the pleasure of a nice clean house and the satisfaction of a job well done. I’m a neat freak, I know, you don’t have to say it!

What’s your guilt-free pleasure?


1 Lucie @ Unconventional Origins December 12, 2008

When my fiance will let me – sleeping in!

Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post..Holiday Coping Tips for the Unconventional Family

2 Nicki December 12, 2008

Haha … A Clean House is one of my guilty pleasures too. When my house starts to get messy it stresses me out and I feel so good when it’s clean that I try my very best to keep it that way.

Nicki´s last blog post..Ever Have ‘One Of Those Days?’

3 Dana @ Letters to Elijah December 12, 2008

Personally, I think it’s worth moving to France just for the bread! You had me at bread! 🙂

Dana @ Letters to Elijah´s last blog post..Live feed: Tub Finished!

4 Amiyrah December 13, 2008

I do love a good late morning rise. Hubby usually lets this happen for me every saturday while he takes care of our boy. But my all time favorite thing lately is searching the web and catching up on my favorite blogs when everyone goes to bed. No distractions, just quiet. If i’m all caught up on the blogs, I’ll do some reading. I just love the quiet time.

Amiyrah´s last blog post..Speaking of stockpiling….

5 Emma December 13, 2008

I love watching some good movies. My hubby works for DVD rental company so we have them for free. A good movie and a bottle of beer can make any day better for me.

Emma´s last blog post..Feeding your baby – how much and how often?

6 Andy @ Retire at 40 December 13, 2008

I too like to have a clean house, but I have a guilt pleasure which tops out over anything else.

I head out to the hills and go mountain biking quite regularly. I have also a set of road tyres too which I use when doing long distances. Of course, buying the bike cost me some money but now I don't have the expense of a car, I saving lots on doing an exercise and a pasttime which is basically free! I love it.

<abbr>Andy @ Retire at 40´s last blog post..The Tuesday PF Roundup – #2</abbr>

7 Kelly December 13, 2008

@Amiyrah- I like late night blog reading too, but it usually turns into really late night reading, so I have to pay attention!

8 Half Assed Kitchen December 13, 2008

Knitting. And listening to Christmas music. And drinking hot beverages. I'm easy.

9 Courtney December 13, 2008

Oh my gosh…REAL French bread… When I was in Paris years and years ago, (I was there for a week) every single night I picked up a baguette and a brownie from this bakery near my hotel, and that was my dinner. Every night…in Paris. I’m sure I missed out on some really incredible food, but it was the best, and I loved it.

Courtney´s last blog post..How to say, “A little less religion with my Christmas, please.”

10 James December 17, 2008

One of my guilt free pleasures is the beach – I get some sort of exercise in as well! I guess that is one of the pleasures of living down in New Zealand 😀

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