Frugality in 2009: My New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year!

I’m coming out of vacation mode just briefly, because it’s an exciting day. I’ve always thought that New Year’s Day was one of the nicest days of the year- a fresh, blank slate, endless possibilities ahead of you, etc etc. Plus, all the shops are closed and it’s usually cold outside, so it’s a perfect day for lounging around the house in your pajamas! Seeing as how it’s New Year’s Day, I thought I’d put pen to paper (figuratively speaking) and share my New Year’s Resolutions, personal, financial and blog related.

My first personal resolution for 2009 is to stop biting my fingernails (again). I have a horrible habit of biting my fingernails and picking at my cuticles when I’m under stress and pressure and I don’t like it! It’s not a good example for my children (one of whom has already picked up on my bad habit), it doesn’t look professional and it hurts. I don’t necessarily want to have long, professionally groomed nails- short, serviceable, and most importantly un-chewed is the look I’m going for.

My second personal goal is to (finally) create an ‘If I drop dead tomorrow, here is everything you need to know’ notebook: a listing of all our financial, medical, legal and everything else records.

I have three financial resolutions for 2009. The first is to not acquire any new debt in 2009. This is going to be a big challenge, because I’m still earning a fraction of my salary while I’m in school. So we’re going to have to really concentrate on living as frugally as possible in order to pay our current bills as long as I’m a student, doing my internship and writing my thesis.

The second financial resolution is to save a €1000 emergency fund. Any money that comes into our house other than our paychecks and childcare reimbursements (and by this I mean blogging income, health care reimbursements, refunds, gifts etc) is going to go to the emergency fund. If we meet this goal (and I have already tucked away a bit more than €250 in the past week), then any extra money is going to be deposited in a retirement account. I’d like to have €500 in that fund by December 31, 2009.

The third financial goal is to start giving my kids an allowance, and to help them learn how to save 10%. I’m going to give them €.25 per year, so €1.50 for my 6 year old, and €1 for the 4 year old. I’m also going to set up the three box system: 1 box for now, 1 box for short term savings, and one box for long term savings that will go into the bank.

Given the wild growth Almost Frugal has experienced over the first year (I began blogging on December 27, 2007) I would like to thank my amazing readers, who have encouraged me, helped me, challenged me and been responsible for my success along the way. Thank you! And my 2009 resolution for Almost Frugal is to increase my readership to 2500 RSS subscribers and 30,000 page views per month. I know we can do it- we’ve come so far already!

What are your resolutions for 2009?


1 Jason January 1, 2009

Those are some great resolutions! Interestingly enough, the visitor goal (30,000 a month by the end of the year) is the same goal that I have for Live To Budget 🙂 I’ve also resolved to pay off at least three debts by the end of the year (a loan and two credit cards), and restart the vegetable garden.

It should be an interesting year!

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2 Sarah H. January 1, 2009

Great resolutions, Kelly! I wish you success!

My New Year’s resolution is to begin meal planning. I’ve not done it before and have seen many people have a lot of success with it.

Sarah H.´s last blog post..New Year’s Resolutions – The Key to Success

3 Money Funk January 1, 2009

I am still trying to think of my 2009 resolutions. haha. But I think your resolutions are great and achievable! Happy New Year!

Money Funk´s last blog post..Happy New Year!

4 Nicki January 1, 2009

It’s 1:15 p.m. and I’m in my pj’s today too (I NEVER do this and it’s so nice). Congrats on a successful first year blogging! I really enjoy your blog. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble growing it in 2009.

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5 Lucie @ Unconventional Origins January 1, 2009

Great resolutions Kelly!

I am still working on my goals for 2009. And you know, I quit biting my nails from age 17 to 24. Then I went to law school. Then the biting began again. I think I’ll wait to after graduation and the bar to quit that bad habit though 🙂

Great post to get me thinking!

Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post..Ringing in the New Year Part II – an Alternative to Resolutions

6 Kelly January 1, 2009

I read something in the NY Times (I will post the link on Twitter and bookmark it on Delicious) about NY’s resolutions. There was a quote that really stuck with me; a woman had been trying to stop biting her fingernails, and never managed to do so. Finally she went to a hypnotist in desperation. The hypnosis didn’t help, but something he said did. To paraphrase: she will always want to bite her fingernails, but she will want pretty hands more.

So, in my case, I will always want to go shopping and blow lots of money at Ikea and on pretty clothes, but I want to be debt free with good savings more.

7 Kelly January 1, 2009

My nails look quite nice right now- something to do with not being in school at the moment, I think! I almost feel like if I stop biting my nails than I have to go back to smoking- which would be really bad! I have a feeling the habit will really be broken after finals in May.

8 Jo in AK January 2, 2009

Great post! I want to complete something similar to your book, and it’s the Control Journal. I resolve to get my fitness level back into the healthy range from the overweight range. AND I resolve to spend at least one Saturday a month working on putting photos into photo albums for our 2 children. It won’t be a big scrapbook thing with al the fancy journaling and pricey papers, etc., but plain old photo albums.

9 CC January 2, 2009

Great resolutions!! I sooooo need to do #1 & #2! Already doing the others (or trying!)

10 Meegan January 3, 2009

Good luck with you resolutions. I wish you success in all areas 🙂

Meegan´s last blog post..Christmas Day

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