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Kitchen gadgets are lots of fun, otherwise why would show every show kitchen have rows of copper bottom pots hanging from the ceiling? But they can be pricy (and take up lots of room) so it’s important for the frugal cook to carefully consider her (or his) tools when preparing to cook.

Here are my three favorite kitchen gadgets, frugal and practical tools that I use over and over again. They last forever, don’t take up a lot of room and are endlessly useful.

A wooden spoon. Perhaps the most basic tool in your kitchen, the humble wooden spoon is endlessly useful. Try using it instead of a rubber or silicone spatula when scraping bowls. Nor will it scratch your non stick pans. You can even give it to your toddler as an impromptu drumstick!

A dutch oven. This link goes to a 5 quart, cherry-red Le Creuset dutch oven on Amazon, priced at about $200. Follow it to see exactly what I’m talking about, but don’t even think about spending that kind of money on what is basically a very fancy pot! I have one that I picked up from a thrift store a few years ago for €5. Sure, the paint is not quite as shiny as the pretty red one pictured, but it is still just as serviceable, in spite of its age.

What I love about dutch ovens is that they are endlessly serviceable- they go from fridge, to oven, to table and back to the fridge again. You can cook soup or stew on the stove or bake casseroles in the oven. While it won’t be the only pot in your cupboard, it truly is a pot of many trades.

A hand mixer and blender set. My husband bought me one for our wedding anniversary a few years ago (and yes, we’re still married!) and I love it. I use it almost daily, in many different ways. I love how small it is, fitting just in a drawer, which is endlessly practical!

What are your favorite, frugal kitchen tools?


1 Liz February 5, 2009

In addition to the tools you mentioned my 3 must haves in the kitchen are my Cuisinart Griddler, the 6 qt slow cooker & food processor.

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2 Barbara February 6, 2009

My vegetable peeler! Couldn’t live without it. I’ve actually got more than one because one is always in the dishwasher.
And, a bit more high tech, my hand held blender. I’ve had it for years and it great for soups, sauces and even smoothie-type drinks.

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3 Michelle February 6, 2009

I would be lost without my mini whisk! It’s a tiny little thing that is absolutely ideal for dissolving yeast into water…so much better than a fork. And my big whisk is wonderful too, whether it’s pancake batter or mixing dry ingredients together or white sauce……also my collapsable veggie steamer. And high-quality knives. And I too love my immersion blender. I could go on and on, but these are tops!

4 Meg from FruWiki February 6, 2009

* Microwave oven and toaster oven — both cook fast, are great for reheating leftovers, and don’t use a lot of power
* Food processor — Mine can also juice citrus, need bread, & whip up mayo.
* Slow cooker and Steamer — Even though I could cook/steam in other ways, these are really handy. My husband makes great ribs & pulled pork in the slow cooker. Rice is best in the steam, imho.
* Cast iron pots and pans (incl. a dutch oven) — Cooks great and no more worrying about Teflon nastiness!

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5 Cathy April 23, 2009

Don’t think those copper pots are beyond your reach. I have a rack full hanging from the ceiling…and the rack cost more than the pots. I got every one of my Revere pots at garage sales-some for only 25 cents! I think that people don’t know they can buy a polish for them, so when they get grungy-looking, they put them in yard sales.
I polish them after each use-takes just a second.

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