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I’d like to take this opportunity to show you around a bit, and introduce you to some new features on Almost Frugal!

You might have noticed that I no longer do weekly post round-ups on Almost Frugal, but this doesn’t mean that I no longer want to share some of my favorite things I’ve read. So I’ve added a new page in the menu: Favorite Links. It leads to my Tumblr site, and this way you can check out my favorite links as I add them.

I’ve also added another page called New? Start Here. There you will find three of my favorite and best loved posts from each of the six main categories of posts I write.

A new addition to the sidebar is the link to the Frugal Blog Network and a link to each of the other member blogs: Frugal Babe, the Frugal Duchess, Frugal Zeitgeist, Not Made of Money and Tight-Fisted Miser. We’re no longer doing weekly round-ups, but I’ll be continuing to post my favorite of their posts in my Favorite Links.

Finally, I got about five times as much traffic this week as normal, thanks to a few thumbs up on Stumble Upon. I want to thank all of you who support me by giving me thumbs up, sharing my content on Twitter or Delicious, posting my link in your sidebars or writing about my content on your blog. While each of these things might not seem like a big thing to you, it means so much to me. Almost Frugal wouldn’t be where it is today without you helping me along, so, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!


1 Lucie @ Unconventional Origins February 22, 2009

The changes are great Kelly! I like the “new? start here” tab and it’s great that your traffic went up so much this week! Awesome!

Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post..Ideas for celebrating Black History month with your children (Part 2)

2 Frugaller February 22, 2009

All looks great – keep it up



3 Meegan February 23, 2009


I love your blog, pretty much no matter what you do to it :o)

4 Kristy @ Master Your Card February 24, 2009

I love your blog because I suck at frugality, so I’m always picking up little tidbits to help me be better in my finances. I can make a budget and talk people through a loan, I can even make sacrifices when I need to, but truly being frugal is not in my nature and something I have to really work on. Thanks for all your tips and advice! And, I’m glad your traffic has seen an increase as well!

Kristy @ Master Your Card´s last blog post..Credit Counseling Services: A Primer

5 Emma @ Baby-log.com February 24, 2009

You're on my Friends page, ever since I've seen your blog for the first time! It's nice to see that people appreciate your efforts, I'm glad your blog is doing great, Kelly.

<abbr>Emma @ Baby-log.com´s last blog post..Buying a present for a toddler – what should I get?</abbr>

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