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share-this-thursdayWelcome to the first edition of Share This Thursday!

This weekly feature will be a place for you to share any posts that you have written (be they a week or a year old) on the subject of the week. I often find when reading other blogs that I have also written something on the same topic, but I hesitate to share my post in the comments because I don’t want to seem like I’m only publicizing myself instead of contributing to their conversation.

That’s not a problem here- share away! All I ask is that you talk a bit about your post in the comment: when you wrote it and why or maybe how the situation has resolved or what you feel now. And of course that your post is on topic!

So, with no further ado, the topic this week of Share This Thursday is making difficult decisions. Has there been a time that you have been confronted with a choice between convenience and frugality? Or using your emergency fund when it’s not strictly an emergency?

Share away!


1 Ashley @ Wide Open W March 5, 2009

Actually my post today talks about a difficult we just made. We had to decide whether or not to expand our brand new business into another state, which meant taking $1,000 out of our e-fund.

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2 Candice March 6, 2009

Where I live people are losing their jobs daily. Its so sad! The second largest employer of our county has just announced it will closing soon. Over 1000 people will be out of work. Holy cow! Now is the time if you have a job to be thankful for it and to do you best to keep it. Take classes! Make yourself available to you employer! Volunteer! Make yourself an asset to your employer! Above all else, pray daily!

3 Heather March 6, 2009

I just wrote a post earlier this week about how hubby and I made the decision to forgo the vacation we’d been saving up for, and use that saved money plus our tax refund to pay down debt instead. It’s was really hard to do that – but the fact that we made it means we’re maturing, financially.

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4 NaTasha March 6, 2009

Great idea, thanks!
We have been facing some tough decisions as I am not bringing in much income, having recently returned to writing after becoming a parent, and the company my husband worked for just went belly-up. His consulting work has been bringing in an OK amount, so we decided to put most of our savings into financing his start-up. This is nerve-wracking. We have made sure that we have all the basics covered for a year. We are changing our priorities and expectations. We are learning to leap at opportunities as they arrive.
I have blogged a rather minor decision I made recently, that is part of this dynamic change, and will be posting more on this.

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