Frugality Goes Beyond Frugal Tips

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Frugality goes beyond frugal tips.

As we saw in our discussion on Monday, frugality is a way of looking at life that is not about how or what you spend (or don’t spend) your money on, but rather a philosophy of choosing to live in a certain way. I’ve been discussing these different ways of looking at life in my occasional series ‘Concepts in Frugality‘.

That said, there are certain methods and tricks that help when one is choosing to live a frugal life. That is why I’m going to be discussing the very basics of frugality over the next few weeks, not only in an effort to help others learn how to be frugal but to help myself to get back on track!

Over the next six weeks, I’ll be writing about Getting Back to the Frugal Basics:

  • Creating a Plan
  • Building a Budget
  • Controlling Your Spending
  • Reducing Your Expenses
  • Planning Your Savings
  • Charting Your Progress

As I’ve said (on numerous occasions) I’m certainly no expert on frugality, so while I’ll be sharing tips on what works for me, and how I’ve found my way, I would love it if you would also chip your two cents in! I learn best by learning from others, and I’m sure others do to.

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1 Karen Chaffee March 19, 2009

Sounds as if this will be a worthwhile and enlightening series : )

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