Share This Thursday: No Spending Days (or Months!)

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share-this-thursday3It goes to figure that one of the best ways to save money is to just not spend it. Who knew? But that can get really hard sometimes.

Have you ever set yourself an artificial no-spend day, week or month? How did it go? Share your posts in the comments below.


1 Lena Christine March 26, 2009

Most days in this household are no spend days because there isn’t any to spend. LOL 🙂

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2 neimanmarxist March 26, 2009

no artificial ones! lots imposed by circumstance! also as it is we don’t spend money every day. maybe four days a week?

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3 Nancy March 26, 2009

Considered it several times. Never actually done it for longer than a week. Read about several families that have done it. Sounds so overwhelming to go for 30 days. I’m elated when I can get through a week w/out an unexpected expense; can’t imagine I could have a month of that, especially with my teenage kids. Seems there’s always something unexpected for school, sports or a club.

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4 Beth March 26, 2009

I haven’t done it, but I really really want to. The challenge is convincing hubby to participate as well. He’s the spending type. Not on huge things, but it’s usually the little things that get us as they add up over the month.

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5 Beth March 26, 2009

Oh, and by the way, I’ve never commented here before, but I have been really enjoying this site lately! Thanks for all the good info and encouragement on frugality 🙂

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6 Kika March 26, 2009

I choose to stay home many days of the week so spending is limited to a couple days/week. I don't "window shop" and my husband doesn't even take his wallet to work. These things are normal for us but certainly do help prevent any impulse spending.

7 Courtney March 26, 2009

Ahhh, yes…I imposed a no spending week on myself. I made it two days. I was terribly disappointed with myself, and I’m definitely going to try it again soon.

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8 Slinky March 26, 2009

Every day is a "No spending that's not in the budget" day. That results in a lot of days I don't spend, but not intentionally.

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9 Amiyrah March 26, 2009

When I do my errands, I like to bunch them together so I only have one or two days a week that I actually spend money. This month I tried to really enforce this and pick and choose where we were going to spend our money. I've averaged about 4 days a week of no spending this month. I also just looked at our budget for the month and it looks like, after all of the rebate checks we received this month, I MADE 36 dollars by shopping! Makes me wanna get back out there and keep shopping….but I'll control myself lol.

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10 Abigail March 27, 2009

I never remember to set "no spend" days. I doubt it'll ever happen anyway, because whenever we set goals like that, things tend to happen. For two people with health conditions, setting a "no spend day" is kind of like tempting fate.

Still, there are days where I spend nothing. Having trouble leaving the house is actually very helpful in that regard.

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11 Keith March 27, 2009

I more or less have myself on a pretty strict routine of "Not Spending", or at least I limit it to just couple times enough. I'll take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner for instance. If there is something I desire that's expensive, I plan for it for months and save money for it. Good article, thanks!

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12 marci357 March 27, 2009

usually every January….just nice to take a breather and while I'm workingon taxes it seems a good time to NOT spend money until I find out if I am going to owe lots or not.

Did a no-spend on groceries for 6 wks last summer – but then decided I was missing some darned good buys that way and it was not saving money in the long run. So now I shop the sales/coupons only one time a week. Staying out of the store saves me a bundle!

13 adrian how March 27, 2009

I don't have a no-spend day but instead, a minimum-spend-day which includes me spending on necessary items such as lunch and parking. I feel it's a lot easier than a no-spend day because by not spending it can make one feel a little trapped, or have a whiplash effect by creating a greater need for a shopping influx in the near future.

This way, I get to spend a little a day but no more. Whatever I save can then go into our child's edu fund

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14 Amy March 27, 2009

I've done it a few times, but made exceptions for birthday gifts,etc. It was mainly just extra stuff that we tend to buy by browsing websites or target! 🙂 I've made it pretty well…about to set a no-spend month again after my daughter's birthday in a week. Someone gave us her extra first birthday plates, napkins, etc. and we just started a new tradition of not giving gifts on birthdays, but doing something together as a family. We are going to the zoo for her birthday (not an expensive one!).

Great blog posts! Love reading your blog!

15 Keilah March 27, 2009

I did for the month of February. This one website called it 30 days of Nothing. I did not know if I could do a whole month so I picked the shortest month for two reasons. First, less days more likely to succeed and secondly, less days meant less money for the month. I was blown away with the results. I came to some good realization of my spending habits. I wrote for everyday in the month. Here is the first post.

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16 Coco March 27, 2009

This month has been “no-spend month (except fresh vegetables)” for me. I slipped a few times (I really really wanted to eat those sardine cans… & my hubby had to (happily) buy a lunch because I forgot to make a lunch box for him).

But so far, I am finding “no-spend month” rather painless. I have absolutely no idea what we had been spending so much money for…

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17 Revanche April 6, 2009

For some things, I do better with ambiguous goals. Spending is one of them. I do better if I simply do not think about spending: I just won’t. If I institute no-spend days, then I’m thinking about spending, or not, and then I do. I’m very backwards like that.

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