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Welcome to Share This Thursday! Yesterday I wrote about how I build my monthly budget and the tools I use to organize my money. Today, it’s other people’s turn to share! I’ve included some great links to guides to managing a budget. And of course it’s your turn too!

No one system works for everyone, but I think it’s really interesting to see how others do it; it’s a careful balance between reinventing the wheel and creating a customized solution for your needs and your needs only.

Have you written a post recently (or even ages ago) about how you build your budget? Share it in the comments below.


1 Wojciech @ Fiscal Fizzle April 2, 2009

I wrote a post recently called Ten Reasons Why Budgets Fail. It’s a case study in the biggest pitfalls you face when trying to get started with budgeting.

2 Sherri (Serene Journey) April 2, 2009

Hi Kelly,
This is so important especially your point about “No one system works for everyone”. That is so true! It took us years to sort out a budgeting system that works well for us and I think we’ve finally got it. Here’s an article I wrote last week on building an effective budget. Hope it helps.

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3 tom April 2, 2009

I am making my first budget now.

What has helped me a lot was to track down expenses for the last month, and it allowed me to get a reality check on my expenses and based on that I can put down figures for this month.

savings (20%) Expenses

anything remaining goes into savings

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4 Slinky April 2, 2009

I won’t really go into how I budget, because it’s probably much more detailed than most people would like. What I will say is that zero based budgets are the best things ever. Your monthly budget does NOT exist in a vacuum. One reason budgets fail is that people consistently go over ‘just a little bit’. It adds up.

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5 Kristin April 6, 2009

As a student about to graduate, learning to budget is something very crucial and important for my future! I enjoyed your post and the web sites you provided were great also! Thanks! I’ll let you know how my first budgeting goes!

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