Tell Us Tuesday: Frugality and Deprivation

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tell-us-tuesday5Lots of people say that they don’t want to be frugal because it’s just no fun. So the question for this week’s Tell Us Tuesday is: Do you feel deprived because you’re frugal? Does being frugal mean that you can’t do anything fun or that you enjoy?

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1 Nicki at Domestic Cents April 7, 2009

There are a few things that I feel like I miss out on but I don’t think I’m any worse off.

If I choose to take the positive outlook, which I prefer, I would say I have learned so much more as a result of being frugal, keeping my focus on the more important things in life: my daughter’s giggle, rather than the pedicure I’m ‘missing out’ on.

It has everything to do with perspective.

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2 Beth April 7, 2009

Most of the time I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much (although I confess I do get envious of friends with their own houses and backyards). However, I almost think being frugal most of the time makes the little splurges from time to time–a new top or a cd–feel all the more special. Not to mention eating out; we do that so infrequently these days that when we do it’s major event. I think it’s all about adjusting your perspective (like the commenter above said).

3 Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book April 7, 2009

Frugality doesn’t have to mean missing out on fun things, but rather coming up with lower cost ways of doing fun things. It’s provides a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

I find that many times by coming up with creative low cost activities, those things become some of the most memorable times because they are different and extra special.

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4 Penelope @ Pecuniari April 7, 2009

I am so used to being frugal and not spending unless I need to that I don't always feel "deprived," but I have to admit that I often feel "wishful" that I could freely buy everything I wanted – in my case, "everything" is often a DVD collection of my favorite TV shows or board games, 2 of my favorite hobbies.

My closest example of feeling deprived would be that my sister and I are confirmed DIY-ers becuase we can't stand the idea of paying someone to do something we are able to do ourselves. This includes things like building our own furniture, fixing things around the house, etc.

Sometimes when I'm really hot, sweaty and sore from sawing lumber, I get peevish and complain about being "poor" and having to do this drudgery ourselves. But this is often from frustration and tiredness, and not really fair, because we aren't really poor. We have to be careful with our money, but are not really deprived.

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5 Andy Hough April 7, 2009

This is something I wrote about a couple weeks ago in a post talking about frugality and quality of life. I look at frugality as choosing to do less expensive things rather than looking at as depriving myself of expensive things.

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6 Kate April 7, 2009

My frugality has allowed me to work less hours and spend more time with my children. Deprived? Nah! I love the extra time – it has allowed me to enjoy life in the slow lane with lots of laughs and joy.

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7 Perky April 7, 2009

No, I actually feel BETTER because of my general frugality. Just this week, we had a veterinary emergency and since I KNEW we had the money in our emergency fund, I didn’t worry about it. We told the vet to do what she needed to do. Also, because I’ve been budgeting, I know what we have money for and what we don’t. If we don’t have the money to do or buy something, then we just don’t and I don’t worry about it. If we have the money, then we can do it and not feel any guilt about it! Before I started down this path, I would worry about every expense because I never knew whether or not we could actually afford each one!

My frugal living lately has given me a sense of peace about my life.

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8 moody April 7, 2009

i don't feel deprived because i'm able to do the things that are important to me. i think frugality is just about allocating most of your resources to things that you highly value. sure, you have to sacrifice some stuff, but it's worth it because it's not the stuff that really matters to you.

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9 Revanche April 7, 2009

Being frugal means missing out the expensive fun things most of the time, not all the time, and not really missing out on the free things. A lot of the time, though, my most frugal times were when I had to work a ton as well, so the drawbacks of being frugal were lost on me. It really made having free time, instead of not spending money, far more important.

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10 Stephanie April 7, 2009

Quite the opposite! I feel like we have more options and luxuries because we are frugal. By finding things at a deal of a price we are able to use the “extra” money for things that are enjoyable – be it pretty fabric to make a new skirt or an 8-week session of homeschooling riding lessons for the kid. I sleep better at night because I am more proud of our accomplishments and choices. I think that we are more creative and more appreciative because we value what we have rather than expect it to be given to us. I truly hope that we pass this on to our daughters. It makes a difference that we are choosing to live this way. Don’t get me wrong – we wouldn’t be living the life of luxury if we simply lived the typical American lifestyle. But, because we choose to put the effort in we benefit from this being a task rather than a chore. A spoonful of sugar and all that… 😉

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11 Sandra April 7, 2009

Frugality has just taken me back to my teenage years. Back then I had no credit so I had to find ways to stretch my dollars. After getting myself into some debt, frugality has become my friend again and has saved me from digging myself into a deeper hole. I am slowly accomplishing my financial goals. So, rather than feeling deprived, I feel liberated.

12 Betsy Bargain April 8, 2009

I can honestly say I never feel deprived being frugal. All of the things I like to do are cheap anyway! I love to read, and books are free at the library. I like to listen to music, and there are plenty of free websites where I can do that, or I can check out CD's from the library. I love to do crafts, but I enjoy thinking up crafts I can do using recycled materials. I enjoy buying clothes at thrift stores and yard sales, because you never know what treasures you will find, and my style is a little off-beat anyway. I enjoy growing my own vegetables, and eating simple foods prepared with groceries from the bulk bins. I guess I'm just weird ;)!

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13 Jane Little April 8, 2009

Living without financial worries is more fun than any show on cable TV, so we choose to watch our inherited/garage sale TV’s. Resting at night because I have no debt is more flattering than any outfit the mall may offer. Being able to afford a dinner out now and again because of my frugal lifestyle choices in other areas makes it all worthwhile.

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14 calimama@compactbyde April 8, 2009

Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition of frugal:






Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin frugalis virtuous, frugal, from frug-, frux fruit, value; akin to Latin frui to enjoy

Date: 1590

: characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources

Did you notice the etymology? Virtuous, value, akin to “to enjoy”. Positive words. People need to remember frugal is a positive term. Depravity is negative. Live positive, live well.

15 Abigail April 8, 2009

I do sometimes feel deprived. It usually comes, though, when it's something I can't get my husband or let him get himself. He's a spender, and we're having to trim a little extra right now. After nearly 3 years of living carefully and paying off debt — with occasional backslides of getting some new clothes once or twice a year — it's pretty tiring.

The last 11 months have been us living even more carefully now that he's on unemployment. He's starting a new medication which may help his stress, which would in turn (we hope) help his skin not flare up. Then we still have to figure out just what it is he can do for a living — which will depend on how much his skin behaves. So it could be 6 months, it could be 2 years if he needs schooling.

In the mean time, I try to celebrate each time we are able to pay down a little debt. And try to remember that these things we're giving up are wants, not needs.

That said, it's worth it for the relief I feel each time we pay down a little more debt. At least, that's what I tell myself to stay sane!

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16 marci357 April 8, 2009

Because I’m frugal, I choose to only work 4 days a week – freeing up sooooo much more time to do the things I want to do. And most of what I want to do is free or low cost activities – so I do not feel deprived at all. I just got back from a 10 day vacation, splurged some while gone, and was not worried about the money at all because it had been earmarked for this vacation all along. It was a lot of fun as there were a lot of fun and mostly free or low cost activities built into it, plus lots of family time and visiting with relatives I don’t get to see very often.

No, I do not feel deprived. I feel ‘lightened’ – making the money to do the things I want to do is not an issue – they usually are free and fun 🙂

17 Coco at Real Life Mo April 8, 2009

Frugality, or being wise about money, doesn't depress me, it puts me in a "flow" state. It's very French…fabulous and freeing. I know I can make a living no matter what, not necessarily by taking on a high stress job that sucks the fun out of life, but by be a good money manager. I am my own household CFO. It's rewarding.

Knowing how to make wise money choices gives me freedom.

And I still get to buy the pretty "shooz!"

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18 Amanda April 9, 2009

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel deprived sometimes! I often feel very split in my feelings toward our frugality. On one hand, I am thrilled that we’re paying down student debt and are (hopefully!) within a year or so of being debt free. Conversely, I’m tired of freezing my rear off in the house b/c we won’t turn the heat on and am exhausted from working 6 days a week (3 different jobs).
I know its worth it and am glad that we’re doing it, but I’m not sure I’m yet at the place where I love being frugal or don’t miss eating out with friends. I think the main thing I feel most deprived of is convenience!

19 FruGal August 13, 2009

I have definitely missed out on some summer events now that I’m trying to be frugal. There was a concert in September that I was particularly looking forward to, but I couldn’t afford the tickets. I also missed a dinner with friends simply because I couldn’t afford to spend money at a restaurant last month.

However, I have found that if I plan ahead, I can save up money for important events so I don’t miss out on all the fun. It really just comes down to picking and choosing what you really want to do. My friends have been really supportive – I was ashamed to admit that I couldn’t afford to go out with them, but I’m glad I did because they understand my situation and now we pick cheaper places to hang out together.
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20 Meg from FruWiki September 5, 2009

Well, at first when my husband and I started to save money it didn’t work so well because we’d tell ourselves “We need to spend less.” But then we’d get bored and go shopping again because we weren’t filling our time with anything else.

Now, though, I think we’re pretty frugal and we really enjoy our lives MUCH more than when we were shopaholics. We do all sorts of things that we enjoy, like visit the library, borrow movies, hang out at the farmers’ market, play with our cats & chickens, take walks together, read together in bed, etc. etc. etc. And now, we actually hate going out shopping most of the time! That definitely makes saving money easier!
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