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share-this-thursdayOne of the keys to my frugality is being well organized (some would even so far as to say too organized). So the theme of this week’s Share This Thursday is frugality and being organized. Have you written about being organized (or not)? How do you stay organized frugally? How does being organized help or hurt your frugal efforts?

Here are a few of my posts on the subject:

And a few of my favorite organization blogs– all of which help me to be more organized, frugally!

Share This Thursday- your chance to share your posts on frugality and organization.


1 Miko's Girl April 9, 2009

This year I’ve made it a goal to declutter and to organize. It started in January with me decluttering the kitchen and the utility room. In March, I decluttered the toy room. Last week, I decluttered my master bath. After spring break, I will move onto the master bedroom. In my budget this year, I decided to examine what I’m spending my money on and try to not aquire unnecessary stuff (such as books I can get at the library). Even in my flower gardens, I’m trying to consolidate and declutter – where before I was shoving plants wherever I could find a spot of ground. I’m calling it spring cleaning but I think it will take the whole year. This year I backed off many volunteer commitments so I could get my own home in order.

2 Nicki at Domestic Cents April 9, 2009

That’s funny … I wrote today’s post about organizing my freezer. It didn’t cost anything to do it and it’s saving me time and money. Before I organized it I couldn’t even tell what was in there, now it’s easy to find what I’m looking for and see what I’m running low on.

Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post..Organizing The Freezer

3 Sherri (Serene Journey) April 9, 2009

Kelly, I agree with you completely! Being disorganized can be very costly in terms of time, health and money. Here’s the first of a 3 part series I did on eliminating clutter it does pay off to be organized.

Sherri (Serene Journey)´s last blog post..Go Ahead Make Your Day: 50 Ways To Make Today Shine

4 Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book April 9, 2009

One of the biggest money and time savers for me is organizing my grocery list by aisle when I go shopping. It limits the aisles I go down, which decreases impulse buying, and I get done so much faster because I know where everything is and can grab it as I go.

Here’s where you can find the article I wrote about it:

Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post..Playday Thursday: Easter Fun Stuff

5 David April 9, 2009

Thanks Kelly!

6 Kristin April 12, 2009

I really enjoyed all the links in this post! Your articles were great and so were the other sites! Being organized has always been a top priority of mine and while I do a pretty good job at it, I could always use more tips and tricks! I’m thinking of writing a post about organization for my class blog now! Thanks Kelly!

Kristin´s last blog post..Austin’s Indie Coffee Shops

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