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Today’s giveaway is the last of the week, and it’s a real treat for all of you who enjoy eating healthily and frugally (that’s everybody, right?). Cultures For Health sells starters and cultures to help you make your own yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, sourdough and so much more. They also have a selection of books and supplies, to meet all your fermenting needs!

They are giving away a starter pack of three cultures (your choice). I would personally pick a sourdough starter and a kefir culture… two things I can’t find in France. And a yogurt starter- I absolutely adore homemade yogurt. It’s like nothing you can buy in the store, especially here in France. Here’s how you can win.

  • Leave a comment, saying which starter you would choose, were you to win and sign up on the special Almost Frugal page on their site (click the links above).
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Good luck!


1 amy April 17, 2009

I’ve been wanting to learn to make my own yogurt for some time now
so I would definitely pick that plus some sourdough starter. Thanks
for the chance to win!

2 MaryCat April 17, 2009

I have a yogurt maker and I haven;t made fresh yogurt in quite some time. I would pick all yogurt starters and go crazy!

3 Erin April 17, 2009

I would choose the kefir, sourdough, and buttermilk because I already make my own yogurt so I don’t really need a starter for that. I love your blog!

4 Therese April 17, 2009

I would love to win the water kefir, yogurt and sourdough starters-yum!

5 Pam April 18, 2009

I would love the yogurt starter. I love smoothies every day, and homemade yogurt would be awesome!

6 Babaloo April 18, 2009

I'd pick the sourdough starter (hard to get good sourdough bread in Ireland) and the yogurt one. I already make my own yogurt about once a week and it's miles better than anything you can buy in the shops!

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7 Leah April 18, 2009

I would probably choose sourdough, buttermilk, and the vili yogurt starter. I'm intrigued by the countertop method of making yogurt. It sounds so much easier!

8 Maren April 18, 2009

I would choose the yogurt…I love yogurt.

9 Vicki Wurgler April 18, 2009

I'd pick yogurt-the fil mjolk sounds good

10 Molly April 18, 2009

I'd pick a buttermilk culture (to use in recipes that call for the buttermilk I never seem to have on hand), the Matsoni yogurt culture, and the Filmjolk yogurt culture. MMmmmm…

11 Amy April 19, 2009

I have been trying to find a good yogurt culture. I would love to try the keifer.

12 Steph April 19, 2009

I know I definitely want water kefir and sourdough starter. I'd have a harder time deciding between dairy kefir and yogurt starter though.

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13 Jennifer B April 19, 2009

I would love to try the yogurt starter. I'm a bit hesitant to try things like this as I'm afraid it won't turn out. . . but it's worth a try! Thanks for the giveaway:)

<abbr>Jennifer B´s last blog post..Oops – posted a giveaway to my other Blog by accident. ..</abbr>

14 CarrieO April 20, 2009

I'd like to try the yogurt starter. I've always wanted to try it, but never tried.

15 Joy April 20, 2009

I would love to try one of the yogurt starters or a sourdough starter!

16 Susan April 20, 2009

I’d love to try a sourdough starter. I make my own bread but have never had success with sourdough! Thanks!

17 Billie April 21, 2009

This would be very cool as I have been thinking about making yogurt. I already make my own bread with a bread maker but wondering about pizza!

I would be interested in the PIIMA yogurt culture, the Camaldoli sourdough starter and probably the buttermilk starter. My husband has been talking about eating a homemade thin yogurt that he used to eat in Peru. This would be perfect!

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18 Rini April 21, 2009

I would pick two sourdoughs to try (picky husband) – I think San Francisco, plus either French or Italian… And then perhaps I’d try the Water Kefir. Ooh, or maybe I’d trade one of the sourdoughs for some buttermilk!

I’ve been wanting to try one of those “friendship bread” recipes, but… I’m a bit short on friends who eat outside of Taco Bell… 😉

19 Kelly April 28, 2009

This contest is now closed.

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