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One of the advantages to keeping a written budget is that you get to see exactly where your money is going. So, while I’m not going to bore you with the numbers, I thought I would share where our money is going, from most spent on a category, to least spent. It’s enlightening, to be sure!

Where does your money go?


1 Sherry April 24, 2009

Entertainment (dinner, movies, etc)

The following are all about the same in cost:
homeowners/condo fees
husband’s golf membership & fees (this should be listed on the 1st list!)
transportation costs (insurance/gas)
miscellaneous expenses

2 Grace Hester April 24, 2009

Childcare is also our top expense. It is incredibly insane how much it factors into a family’s expense. I read an article on MSN on the cost of daycare and commented a little on it on my blog:


I have 2 colleagues at work who have 4 kids and send them to daycare and I have no idea how they make it work.

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3 Chris April 24, 2009

According to my budget:

Rent (including utilities)
Misc. (could be clothes, entertainment, whatever doesn’t fit elsewhere)
Cable TV
Home/family insurance

The rest of the posts are miniscule so I won’t bother including them here.

4 Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book April 24, 2009

Most of our money goes to:
– Mortgage
– Groceries
– Church (Tithe, Missions, Offerings)
– Electric Bill
– Truck Payment

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5 Denise April 24, 2009

Where does our money go????? Hmmmmm…. Lets see!


-Auto Insurance (bi-yearly)

-Utilities (water/gas/electric)


-Phones (landline and cellular)

-Groceries/Pet supplies

-Gas for cars

-We are paying a balance on one credit card now (due to car repairs and unplanned trips to the dentist)

-Preschool (Fall 2009)

-Misc. (entertainment, lattes, special snacks for the kids). Our entertainment here is usually $1 rental movies at Red Box. We drink a ton of coffee at home, but will go to a coffee shop once in awhile. Sometimes I will use some of our "misc. money" and get a friend a coffee drink if she is having a bad day.)

-Last but not least, I canceled our $70.00 cable. Out of all the channels we had, we'd only watch 2-3 of them. What a waste of money!!!

6 lulu April 24, 2009

I used to do some very detailed tracking of my finances but I have cut down the categories now. My money goes to (almost in order of greatest to least):

Car (loan, insurance, gas, maintenance)
Household (personal and cat)
Credit Cards
Other bills (personal loan, utilities)
Fun (tiny little amount so I don’t lose my mind.)

7 Alex April 24, 2009

In order (for this month)
1. Mortgage
2. Travel
3. Groceries
4. Condo Fees
5. Student Loans
6. Restaurants

8 Amiyrah April 24, 2009

car insurance
eating out

rent is very much in the lead by about 700 dollars. We live in the beautiful (and expensive) New Jersey so that makes sense. Groceries used to be number 2 until I realized the power of sales and coupons :o)

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9 Cheapchick April 25, 2009

1. Child Support (2 kids live with and 2 live parttime only)
2. Food (family of 6)
3. Utilities: cable/phone/internet/natural gas/electricity/water
4. Property Tax
5. Mortgage (we owe about 20% of the value of our house)

Own all vehicles and stuff outright. The only balance we carry is our mortgage (done as a line of credit).

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10 Jb April 26, 2009

Here’s my list:
2-Car payment
3-Debt repayments

I’m really trying to focus on #3 on that list, but since I started a new job this week that requires me to somewhat overhaul my wardrobe (I now work in a bank, which means dressing up), I’m going to have to rejig my budget to account for the overhaul. *sigh*

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11 Barb April 27, 2009

Doctor bills-a few months, otherwise second generally is
cell phone, utilities (even with 100% wind!), and gas for the car/car stuff-is pretty much the same amount

I also generally try to save 40% of my income, but I’m single so it’s easier to do than if I had kids.

12 Kristy @ Master Your Card April 29, 2009

LOL….Well, I think I’m a pretty poor example lately so I’m almost afraid to share, but here goes.

– Rent
– Car (almost paid off!)
– Savings
– DVDs/Eating out
– Utilities
– Groceries
– Misc expenses

Yeah, the entertainment category has taken on a mind of it’s own recently. I’m in the process of cutting that back, but I really like DVDs. Eating out has simply been a matter of convenience lately as my schedule has been somewhat hectic, but it’s coming to a more normal pace, so I’ll go grocery shopping and cut that out, too.

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13 JasonS January 27, 2010

funny thing about frugality, everyone used to always looks down on it. I have had my wife and wife’s sister calling me cheap for years. Now with the economy swirling the bowl, frugal is the new black.

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