Five Life-Changing Benefits of Frugal Living

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reading_a_book_to_kidsThey say that money can’t buy happiness. That’s true but it goes further than just the fact that material goods aren’t enough to satisfy us. What I’ve discovered from frugal living is that learning to save money can create happiness on a fundamental level. Since I’ve started actively trying to live a more frugal lifestyle, I’ve gained riches that have changed my life for the better.

The five biggest benefits of frugal living that I’ve experienced are:

1. Simple living. There is a reason that so many of us have fantasies of living on a farm or commune or a small house on the beach. Even though that lifestyle might not work for all of us, we crave a time when things were just simpler. Reducing your consumption of material things and learning to spend money wisely will naturally bring you back to a simpler way of life which creates fundamental changes in how you experience the world.

2. Artful living. Frugal living means that you learn to get creative. Instead of buying a gift for someone, you make a photo scrapbook or a cake for them. Instead of taking your house guests to the expensive attractions, you show them the nooks and crannies of your area. You live creatively and that’s something that makes life better.

3. Green living. Many of the practices of frugal living are also green living practices. Re-using things, striving for a lack of waste and reducing reliance on cars are all things that result in benefits for the earth as well as for your wallet. This leads to a healthier way of life that you can feel good about every day.

4. Time for my community. Frugal living allows you to work less and to spend more time with the people that you care about. Whether you spend that time lounging around with your family or volunteering in your neighborhood, you are spending it well.

5. Getting to know my inner self. Frugal living also frees up time for you to just spend time with yourself. You can read books from the library, spend time meandering around or simply hang out with yourself. I’ve gotten to know more about myself every day since I stopped spending so much money and started just relaxing with myself.

Frugal living is about so much more than just saving some money for a rainy day. Each of these things has made a major difference in the way I approach my life as well as the way that I feel about how I live.

Thanks for the guest post Kathryn! I know that I feel the biggest benefit to my frugality is the things that I am able to do for and with my children. What are yours?

Guest post by Kathryn Vercillo. Kathryn is a writer for which gives away free promotion codes and also publishes a frugal blog.


1 Kate May 6, 2009

Frugal living has allowed me to work less – work as an independent contractor instead of being part of the rat race. I do great work, but don’t have to worry about climbing the coporate ladder. Ah…. it’s awesome.

Kate´s last blog post..The best gifts in life are free

2 Cara May 7, 2009

I really love this post. Living in France and being forced to have all these collective holidays (like may 1st last week) got me thinking…I feel like a part of a community here in a way I never did in the States. Is it because there is a real effort to slow things down with these holidays? You just CAN’T work as much, you must slow down and live – everything is closed! It’s the same with all the stores being closed on Sunday. No shopping away the afternoon…it’s really family and friend time. So yes, I think you’re on the money (hah!) – simplicity, and by extension, frugality can free up space in life. Not everyone tolerates that well – running around can feel a lot easier. But, as you say, to what purpose in the long run?

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