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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights! This carnival is designed to highlight posts from a blogger’s perhaps long forgotten archives, so it’s no wonder that we received some great submissions!

Editor’s Picks


These are my top four picks from all the entries. I chose them because of the originality and quality of their content, which helped them stand out from the rest.

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life shares ways to Get The Best Home Loan Rates With These Tips. As always this sound financial advice boils down to one concept: manage your debt responsibly!

I love the Tightwad Gazette books, as so does Heather Levin from The Greenest Dollar. She shares 15 tips that might otherwise have been forgotten in Frugal Tips From The Tightwad Gazette. My favorite (although perhaps not that practical) involves plastic six pack soda pack rings to make a hammack…

Madison from My Dollar Plan presents 10 Financial Tips for New Grads with reasonable advice on getting insurance quickly and following your heart and dreams. OK, maybe that last one is more romantic than reasonable!

Got 5 minutes? Then watch this video from Jim from Bargaineering: Video: Drawing Your Cashflowchart. I like videos, as you can often share more information than people would be willing to read through, and Jim presents this information very well.

Other Entries


Miranda from Yielding Wealth asks Would We Be Happier If We Paid More Taxes?. I know that I am happier trading higher taxes for lower healthcare costs.

Do you want to save money? Than you need to read this ginormous list from Pinyo from Moolanomy Personal Finance: How To Save Money – The 1,001 List Of Money Saving Tips And Ideas, collected from various personal finance bloggers around the web.

I like to sew, just like Madoline Hatter from Pecuniarities. She shares how you can be fashionable and frugal in Sewing: A Frugal and Fulfilling Hobby – Save Money by Sewing Your Own Clothes.

Viviana from The Lean Time argues that the resurgence in crafting is due to people being reluctant to spend money in Make do and Mend.

RC from Think Your Way To Wealth gives 15 Ways For Teens To Make Money This Summer. This list isn’t just for teens, I think!

Just how much is this financial mess going to push us back to the time when we could only buy what we could truly, honestly, afford? wonders Julie from Taking Charge in Will cash become king again?.

It’s never to early to start thinking about the (winter) holidays. Peter from Bible Money Matters presents 5 keys To Overcoming The Urge To Splurge. This post was tailored towards Christmas, but the advice is sound for any gift buying occasion.

FMF from Free Money Finance presents What’s the Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened to You Financially?, saying “I’ve had my bank close. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you financially?”

J. Money from Budgets are Sexy reminds us that time goes on no matter what saying- if you can start planning now, you’ll be golden 2 years from now! in How Were Your Finances Looking 2 Years Ago?.

Canadian Finance from The Canadian Finance Blog shares 10 Money Saving Tips.

B Simple from Simplifed Financial Lifestyle presents 6 Ways to avoid those pesky non-bank ATM fees.

Next week’s edition, the ninth, will be held at Pimp Your Finances. Submit your posts by the 28th of May in order to be included.


1 Viviana May 21, 2009

I am thrilled to be included in the carnival, thank you! I can’t believe that two of us submitted posts about sewing.

2 RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth May 21, 2009

Great job with the carnival, thanks for including my article!

RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth´s last blog post..Weekly Personal Finance Links- Late Cool Weather Edition

3 Canadian Finance May 21, 2009

Thanks for hosting!

Canadian Finance´s last blog post..Insurance You Can Do Without – Rental Car Insurance

4 Miranda May 21, 2009

Great job with the Carnival this week. And thanks for including me 🙂

Miranda´s last blog post..Credit Card: It’s About to Get Ugly for You

5 J. Money May 21, 2009

Awesome – thanks for hosting 🙂

6 Penelope @ Pecuniarities May 21, 2009

Thanks for hosting and for including our post (on sewing)!

Have a great weekend,

Penelope @ Pecuniarities´s last blog post..What’s the silver lining in this recession?

7 B Simple May 22, 2009

Thanks for hosting and including my post.

B Simple´s last blog post..Don’t Automate your Personal Finances and Forget About Them

8 Imee May 22, 2009

Thanks for posting these links. I like reading tips about saving money and dealing with the recession, so I thoroughly enjoyed going through all of them!

Imee´s last blog post..Improve Fuel Mileage to Save Money

9 Pinyo May 23, 2009

Thank you for hosting what’s becoming one of the best personal finance carnival on the web. The carnival looks great!

Pinyo´s last blog post..How To Get Your Free FICO Credit Score Online

10 The Digerati Life May 23, 2009

Awesome carnival Kelly! I just had the chance to review the entries here and am so glad to have made your picks! 🙂 Some great questions a few bloggers posed here: what’s the worst thing that’s happened to us financially? I learned lots of lessons in the investment world the hard way… A stock I owned went down from $30 all the way to $0. And I got caught in a pump and dump scam — moral of the lesson: never listen to stock tips on stock forums without doing your own careful research!

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