Chicken with Peas and Pasta

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I started thinking about tonight’s dinner this morning at 10am, and then I didn’t think about it at all until about ten ’til 7.

This morning I marinated two chicken breasts in one tub of nonfat plain yogurt, a teeny bit of olive oil, salt, and some chopped green herbs and garlic. I did the same with some chicken thighs as well, as I had been intending on baking them. But when time ran out, I knew I needed to rethink my plan of action.

So I chopped the chicken breasts, and tossed them in a pan with a couple of cups of frozen peas and sauteed them until they were done. At the same time, I was cooking some small shelled pasta, and once the pasta was ready and the chicken was almost done, I added some of the pasta water (about 1/2 cup) to the chicken. Then I drained the pasta, tossed it in the pan, and stirred it all to combine.

Delicious! (and while all this was going on, and during dinner, the chicken thighs were baking for my husband’s lunch).

How do you best like chicken?


1 Nancy June 4, 2009

I find that some of the best food is made when I have to rethink my plan. Sounds delish.

I’ll eat chicken anyway you can make it. But I will have to say that during the warm weather, which we are experiencing right now, I like it on the grill. Kabobs, on a salad, fajitas or with potatoes, it’s all good.

2 Meegan June 8, 2009

Love it!
What a great dish, will give it a try :o)

3 Susan June 13, 2009

I adore chicken- I serve it to my family any way possible.
I keep trying to surprise them…don’t want it to get boring.
I think the favorite has to be on the BBQ!
Your chicken and peas with shells really sounds delicious…
have to make that one night.

4 Kelly June 15, 2009


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