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by Kelly

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qaWelcome to the Q&A, where you ask me questions, and I answer them… not just on frugality, but on anything you’d like. Well, within reason of course.

Lots of people have asked me how my new job is going.

Really well! Granted, I’ve only worked one day so far- I don’t work on Wednesdays. (Children don’t go to school on Wednesdays, and so quite a few mothers take every Wednesday off.) I really like it so far; my first task is to look at the content of the website and revise it in a way that makes it a bit more ‘punchy’. This is a great first task, as it allows me to really get to know the company’s products in a lot of detail.

Michelle asked me what my favorite French food is.

I don’t have one favorite French food… I have lots (and stay tuned for next week’s post that talks about the related consequences)! But it’s the quality of the food that makes the difference, no matter what you’re eating. French cuisine is really based on the idea of eating fresh, good food… but not too much and not too often!

Katie asked if I had any frugal wedding tips.

When I married my husband, rather than trying to organize a wedding long distance (I was living in the US and we got married in France), I turned it all over to my groom and my future mother-in-law. So honestly, I have no idea how much it cost, or if they made frugal decisions or not.

That said, I have a hunch that the wedding was pretty frugal, because the emphasis wasn’t on showing stuff, rather spending time together, us and our 60 or so guests. Like all couples getting married in France we got married at the city hall, which we didn’t have to worry about decorating. Then we went to have drinks at my in-laws’ house (which was a real treat trying to fit everybody inside!) and then on to a restaurant for drinks, dinner and dancing. I did buy my own dress at a vintage shop, and I think I paid under $50 for it.

Other ways to save money, other than the fairly classic tactic of reducing the number of guests, is to really think about what you need and want. After all, being frugal is not about pinching pennies, but rather more about spending your money wisely according to your goals and your decisions.

Frugal Q&A is now a regular Thursday feature!

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